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Breakfast Near Eastern Market


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Hey guys - I'm new to the board, and I'm making my first post.

My roommate and I will be coming to D.C. this summer, and I was hoping to find a place for breakfast near the Open Flea Market on a Sunday. I was going to try Tunnicliff's, but they don't open till 10, and I wanted someplace that opened a little earlier, but was still close to the market, and cheap (we just graduated college you know!). :blink:

Any suggestions?

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Jimmy T's on the corner of East Capitol and approximately 5th. (or maybe it is 4th or 6th, but right around there.) Greasy spoon joint with attitude.

Jimmy T's is swell and at 5th, though the attitude is much less after the former waiters left a year or so back. Still a great greasy spoon. Definitely go there over Tunni's or Bread & Chocolate.

Montmartre is the best brunch near the Market, though they don't open until 11:30 and are more mid-range pricing than cheap.

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I find the Sizzling Express on the north side of the 600 block of PA Ave. to have a decent breakfast buffet selection. It's not fine dining by any means, more a cafeteria/buffet hybrid, with the buffet food priced by the pound. It can get pretty crowded Sunday mornings with people coming from/going to church. I find it cheaper and less frustrating than Bread and Chocolate, but B&C is a sit-down restaurant with servers, if that's the kind of thing you want.

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"Servers" very loosely defined. :blink:
LOL ;)
As far as I know Mr. Henry's on 6th and Penn serves breakfast then, and I know for sure their brunch is real nice.
I've been to Henry's for brunch but am not sure when they open on Sundays. AOL cityguide says they open at 10 AM.
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