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The Space - Neat Little Bar at 9th and N Street, Just North of the Convention Center - Closed

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I recently discovered this little bar just a block north of the D.C. Convention Center. I've only been upstairs, but it's cozy. They have an upstairs back patio, which should be terrific in nicer weather, though they do seem to have gas heat lamps for cool temperatures.

A friend of mine is bartending there tonight after 6:00. If anyone feels like it, drop on by and check the place out. I'll make it down there tonight eventually myself smile.gif


Don't know any details about edibles. Hopefully, more info will be forthcoming.

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I wasn't aware that this place was an actual bar. When we were researching wedding stuff it came up often in lists of reception locations; sounded more like a reserved-event-only space than an open-to-the-public establishment. Maybe the former wasn't paying the bills? Looks like a nice deck that has the chance of not being overrun on summer nights.

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Wasn't it going to be a private club?

I was there about two weeks ago. It was a quirky, pleasant, mostly-empty bar. The Australian owners were lovely, as were the other patrons, all locals, and I'd definitely head back there.

I took a peek at the deck, which is upstairs and out back. It will definitely be great come summertime, as will the patio out front.

As far as it being a private club, I had heard that as well. I do know that they are trying hard to book events there, because foot traffic is pretty light, but as far as the official designation (bar? private club? lounge?), I am not sure.


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