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  1. Mötörhead

    If you haven't seen it I highly recommend checking out the doc about Lemmy's life (simply titled "Lemmy"). Even for people who don't like his music it's a fascinating and often hilarious look at a bona fide rock icon.
  2. Snallygaster 2017

    Wouldn't miss it! Since "Standing-in-a-45-minute-line-for-a-taste-of-Cantillon" is so 2015, I wonder what beer will have an immediate queue when the doors open at 11:30? Even Founder's Kentucky Breakfast Stout was available well into the day last year (that was the one with a ridiculous line in 2014 I think). From a quick browse of the list it looks like the fruit-infused Gose trend has about run its course (this year I see gooseberry, prickly pear and kiwi, just to name a few). Some interesting IIPA offerings that are new to DC and will probably go quickly (Founder's bourbon barrel aged "Doom", Stone is brining RuinTen with a bunch of fruit thrown into it, lots of dry-hopped or casked versions from other breweries).
  3. Your runaway NL East champions! If you'd said we'd be thinking about catching the Dodgers for top seed just 2 weeks ago I would have laughed. The series this weekend is now going to say a lot about that. Consensus is the Nats don't *want* the best record in the NL and would be better off seeing the Cubs in the NLDS. Diamondbacks are surging with a strong rotation, and the defending champs are not. The next 3 weeks is shaping up to be a doozy for the rest of the NL. Interesting to see all of the replacements out there for the clincher today (Turner was the only regular starter). That's the line up you usually see the day AFTER they clinch, when the regulars get a day off to nurse their hangovers. Robles certainly showed he belongs at this level, but I wonder if we see him on the playoff roster as a direct AA call up. That probably depends on how Harper/Werth are actually doing when the time comes. Rendon - Quietest MVP caliber season I can remember seeing (which is why he won't get the votes ...). Leads the entire NL in most calculations of fWAR. Strasburg - Holy crap! Including today, 34 straight scoreless innings. Since the All Star break and coming off the DL: 0.61 ERA. If Scherzer gets the rest he needs, and Gio continues his come back season, that is a scary starting postseason roster. Roark hasn't exactly been a slouch, either. Aside from Doolittle the 'pen so far has been ... better.
  4. As a friend pointed out the replacements for the entire starting outfield have posted a combined 4+ WAR (the literal "replacements" in Wins Above Replacement are outperforming themselves!). We may not see a projected starter in the outfield until the end of this month, even next month without a division race to worry about (whenever Werth comes back). If healthy (a HUGE "if" this season) a Harper, Werth, Goodwin/Taylor/Kendrick outfield is an incredible luxury.
  5. With Scherzer's continued dominance, angst around yet more Strasburg time on the DL and the abysmal bullpen, Gio has been having himself a hell of a year in the shadows. I think it suits him well. The dig on him over the past several seasons since his stellar stretch in 2012 has been that he lets the pressure get to him when things go awry in the early innings and tends to unravel. No reason to think that wouldn't apply to being in the constant spotlight, either. When he's just allowed to go out and pitch while the news focuses on seemingly every National not named Gio Gonzalez he's at his best.
  6. Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

    Was in Rehoboth last week and confirm that they sell it by the case at retail for $216. Factor in the tax and that's about even with Costco. But $7.50 a glass at the brewpub (10 oz. pour) is definitely the way to go.
  7. And apparently the 5 total also ties the record for most HRs in an inning! It's funny, I would have thought that number would be higher over the course of baseball history.
  8. I think the 4-in-a-row to start the inning does, unless somebody has done better since 2010
  9. I'm sure there is some in depth technical discussion out there but I don't know of it! That was just my $0.02 about the two senses of that word. A quick Google indicates that, for metals, burnishing is mechanical smoothing of a surface whereas polishing involves actual removal of the surface layer. That I didn't know. I don't see any noted differences for woods, but I'm sure there is a difference somewhere.
  10. Over the span of the 3rd and 4th innings this afternoon the Nats: - Sent 21 batters to the plate - Went 13-for-18 with 3 walks (2 issued to Scherzer) - Hit 7 HRs including the 5 by the first 6 batters of the 3rd inning (Murphy was the slacker after they started off 4-4 in the inning) - Scored 13 runs They've scored 22 runs over the last 5 innings including last night. Fun baseball is fun!
  11. When the substance is wood I think that they are synonymous, although to woodworkers I'm sure there is some technical difference in the finish. For metal, though, the distinction is pretty clear: polished metal surfaces are reflective, whereas burnished metal leaves some of the grinding or sanding marks rendering it duller.
  12. Two arms added to the bullpen over the weekend. These are a move to get relief back to stability, but I don't think this was THE move. They need a more options for a closer, not some guys who *could* fill in the role. I think Doolittle can be more than advertised, though. Offense is clearly not going to be a problem! OI wouldn't want to have been within arm's reach of Scherzer on Saturday, though. He walks off the mound with a 10-0 lead, and in the ninth they had the tying run on deck. If that game had been 2-0 and Dusty came out to pull him I think you would have seen Mad Max go off and demand to stay in the game. Edit: 4-0 with no outs top of 1st just now. Yeah, feasting on mediocre pitching. I think they are now on pace for 919(?) runs after 3.1 games of this series. FOUR batters in the top 11 of all MLB for average (Murphy, Harper, Zimm, Rendon). On Saturday they briefly had the 1-2-3 leading batters in the NL! Buster Posey's weekend nudged him up to #2.
  13. On pace for 894 runs at the break. Having lost their lead off man in the first weeks, and now their other lead off option recently, that is pretty impressive. The offensive drop off in the past few weeks is probably indicative of where they will end up in the 875+ range (but they also have 14 games left with Mets/Phillies, and have been feasting on bad pitching, so I expect a few more of those 12-16 run outbursts). Who knows when Werth returns, but his replacement platoon of Raburn/Goodwin have held their own. I bet even when he comes back he'll get more days off for pitching match ups. The relief corps is still dreadful, but has flashed signs of competence recently.
  14. The DC Costco has had cases of this for well under $1/can. I don't remember the exact price, but it wasn't over $20 and I think closer to $18. Haven't seen it there in a few months, though.