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  1. I will copy from a PM I sent to dcandohio a few months ago with details about my Budapest trip: I loved the food there, though I didn't get the chance to try all the restaurants I would have liked to. We went to Alabardos in Buda, a beautiful and old world style place with a violinist and a heavy dependence on duck and goose liver. The food and service were both wonderful, and the price high end even at a favorable exchange rate (don't know how it would compare now). We also ate at cafes, and a couple of restaurants including a buffet style place, Trofea Grill on Kiraly Ut,which was a good pl
  2. Starting with Don's recommendations, I would second Teaism and Mourayo as the best nearby options for a quick but good lunch. Teaism is a little more casual, whereas Mourayo is more of a white-tablecloth restaurant with good food and ambiance. They could probably get you in and out in an hour. On the same block, I had lunch at Thai Chef recently and was pleasantly surprised. Sushi and Thai food didn't look promising, but the food and service were quite decent. Not sure how realistic it is to try C.F. Folks, unless you get a cab or Über it both ways for the hour long timeframe. If you wal
  3. Any recommendations for restaurants, cafes, spas, places to buy/taste palinkas, and so on, in Budapest? I would be grateful for any suggestions on great experiences to be had there, and day trips to the surrounding countryside as well. Thanks so much in advance!
  4. This is just sad, given the immense effort that all concerned obviously put into the reopening of Mealey's Table. I was looking forward to a visit soon, but will hope that the Chef and managing partner are able to make this concept work in a more welcoming environment. Given the unspeakable conduct experienced by Hilda Staples and Bryan Voltaggio at the hands of the bank who owned the property, I wonder if the business community of New Market really understands what will bring visitors to a small town whose main downtown attraction, antique stores, seem to be closing at a fast clip. I've be
  5. I want to thank Dean Gold and the top-notch staff at Dino for welcoming us to the DR.com Happy Hour tonight. A small but quite enthusiastic group gathered around the bar to connect (or reconnect) with each other, have some delightful drinks and sample some truly amazing bar snacks and appetizers. Of course, this being Dino, duck fat and other products made a welcome appearance. The duck liver pate was a revelation! We also happened to meet representatives of another food website at the bar: two of the founders of dmvburgerwars.com, who are on a mission to rate all the burgers in town on "ob
  6. Don's review of Joe Squared this past week reminded me of a puzzlement I have had since going there a year or two ago. All the talk is of the pizza, but no one mentions perhaps the most unusual aspect of the menu: they serve at least ten different kinds of risotto daily. Our group had several different kinds, with thoughtful and enticing flavor combinations. And since it is gluten-free, it makes a welcome addition to the more expected menu items such as salads and pastas. So anyone who would normally pass up a restaurant renowned for its pizza due to gluten issues has a reason to seek this
  7. I'd like to claim at least one of the slots available for either 3/28 or 3/29, with a possible +1 if space allows nearer the date. I'm open to all the menu choices but have a slight preference for chef's choice or fish. And thanks to darkstar for arranging this!
  8. I'm late to the party, but I have a few observations. First, I respond better to praise and enthusiasm than shaming and scolding, and I suspect most restaurateurs do too. I also pay more attention to what is in the window of an establishment than what is in the bathroom when making choices on where to dine. I'm guessing that's pretty much universal. And I found myself thinking about this when I went to Elephant Jumps in Merrifield for lunch and found, in addition to the menu, a Xeroxed copy of a recommendation from Tyler Cowen in the window. And I love the phrase "This place Rocks!" as
  9. I'm with dcs on this one. One can't assume that diabetes is caused by diet; there are multiple risk factors including stress and genetic predisposition. There is a growing body of evidence that trauma earlier can contribute to a huge number of illnesses, and diabetes is one of them. I seem to remember that she suffered from anxiety or agoraphobia early on. That's evidence of a lot of stress right there.It's tempting but futile to think we know the cause of a particular person's illness My intent here is not to argue for Paula Deen's way of cooking and eating. It's not at all my cup of tea, bu
  10. I agree with the integrative approach (as aptly described by Zora). It makes sense to figure out what is going on and treat it specifically. After all, your symptoms could be descriptive of a thyroid imbalance or gluten sensitivity/celiac disease as others have noted, or another condition entirely. A "detox" diet, whatever you think of the reasons for it, probably wouldn't help with any of these conditions. And a consult with someone who combines the best of both worlds just might, even if the recommendations differ from what you might expect.
  11. I noticed that there did seem to be a difference in color between the garlic dills and the half-sours, though I can't say for certain how much brighter green they were. They did look fresher than the others, though looks can be deceiving. Maybe the deli manager can tell you when they came in? Let us know what you find out! Oh, and I figured you would probably know Brookville, but a lot of other people wouldn't. I am, of course, assuming there are other pickle aficionados out there following this thread.
  12. I am pleased to report that the Brookville Market in Cleveland Park has an ample supply of Ba-Tampte Half-Sour Pickles. It's a small neighborhood supermarket on the east side of Connecticut Avenue across from the Uptown Theater, and amazingly enough they actually take orders over the phone and deliver. Mr. Lee, who handles the delivery side, is a pleasure to meet and always helpful. I suppose asking for one jar of pickles to be delivered might be a bit much, but surely there are other items you might need as well. And if you prefer to shop in person, Cleveland Park is a lot more convenient
  13. I haven't seen a thread on this producer-only market. It's Saturdays from 9-1 on the grounds of Lafayette Elementary School in Chevy Chase DC (near Chevy Chase Circle) and has some wonderful providers who can only be found here, as well as familiar names like Smith Meadows (organic grass-fed meats, pastas and sauces) and Bonaparte Breads (all manner of delicious pastries and breads for instant gratification). Nob Hill Orchards has a huge variety of fruits with many heirloom varieties you don't see often. I bought some incredible (and expensive) apricots from them last week that were the mos
  14. Another great source for unsweetened flaked coconut is My Organic Market (MOM's). You can find it in the aisle with the nuts/seeds/trail mixes. It's quite inexpensive, too. MOM's is usually a good place to look for this sort of thing, and I appreciate their commitment to organic food as well as fair prices.
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