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Mediterranee, French-Mediterranean in Great Falls - Chef-Owner Jacques Imperato May Have Sold to New Owners - Closed

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We have eaten at Mediterranee a handful of times for lunch once with our in-laws (who are very picky I may add)

I always get the prix-fixe lunch for 16.95 where you get an appetizer an entree and dessert and so does hubby.

Here is their info:

10123 Colvin Run Road, Great Falls, VA

(703) 757-9300 (It runs right behind Route 7 about 2 miles or less from Wolf Trap)

We went there on Friday and as usual the food was great! The service is usually fantastic but it was a bit uneven flowing... I'm used to the two women who work the dining room and there were two gentlemen but they did good enough.

They brought out their usual freshly cut french bagette bread basket and butter and then we proceeded to order.

I got the Country Pate with olives and gherkins and Hubby got the Grilled eggplant with cumin and oranges.

For my main course I got the peppercorn hangar steak with frites (fries ;-) heh) which had a fantastic cream sauce not too heavy nor too light. Hubby ordered the Smoked pork loin in a coconut milk cilantro sauce with pineapple I really REALLY am not into pork or ham but I had a forkful and I wanted to steal his dish and run off and eat it too! It was so smoky and delicious and made really nicely.

For dessert he got the Bread pudding with caramel sauce (the caramel sauce was DEFINITELY homemade a tiny bit over-cooked but not really noticable but nice texture and odor YUM)

I got the Crepes stuffed with chestnut cream and it was yummy... next time I may get the Banana flambe with rum, served with vanilla Ice cream... I'm just not into Ice cream too much.

Anyhow this is a great place for lunch and one day I hope to try it for supper if I ever have time. --- Happy New Year L'Shanah Tovah to everyone.... and beit avon'

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There will be a wine tasting dinner here on Wednesday, October 21 at 7pm for $85 per person (not including tax or tip) for 6 courses, including pairings, of course. Details here.

The special for October is the Choucroute Alsatian ($22.95) and it was a meat lover's delight. Just hunks of meat of pork shank, pork shoulder?, pork-something else, bratwurst, and other sausages served in this big bowl with a few cuts of boiled potatoes. I was all meated out (if that could ever happen?) just cutting into all the various parts. Some pieces were a bit chewy and others did fall off the bone, but were just a bit in the mid-dry-to-semi-moist stage, which meant that everything was acceptable and flavorful, but nothing wowed. I think it's worth getting again because the accompanying sauerkraut was good, but because there was so much, it also may have overwhelmed other parts of this dish. Perhaps if there was less of it.

Mondays are also an "All you can eat soft shell crabs and crabcakes" for $29.95, including a house salad and fries. Other weekday specials can be found here.

I came here because of the Restaurant.com certificate purchased, and even though I couldn't use it on their Twilight Menu (RW-like deal of 3 course of $22.95 between 5:10 and 6:15pm and after 8:00pm), I found this quaint place to be very charming.

Gebaby was a good omnivore, although the veggies were really just potatoes. He seemed to enjoy the different cuts of meat.

The real highlight of the night was their house mustard. I am unsure whether it was homemade or a really specially imported mustard, as I forgot to ask, but this was some good mustard!

This is definitely a family-friendly place, although I cannot remember if there was a changing station in the ladies' room or not. But there was one other baby in his comfy stroller while we were there.

As silly as this may sound, I would come back just to pair anything with the house mustard.

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We used to enjoy this place when it was on Lee Highway in Arlington. Then it burned down and they moved to Great Falls.  We were saddened.  Now saddened anew.

Beloved Restaurant, Destroyed by Fire, Finds New Home - Popular Arlington Chef Relocates To Great Falls, By Lisa Rabasca, Special to The Washington Post, Sunday, March 27, 2005; Page LZ11

Arlington: New Owner-Chef Leads La Côte d’Or - Attention to culinary detail, By Eden Brown, Wednesday, May 4, 2016, on connectionnewspapers.com

Jacques Imperato's LinkedIn profile indicates he was owner of Mediterranee from September 1996 to December 2012 (16 years 4 months).

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4 hours ago, Ferris Bueller said:

This restaurant closed about 12 -24 months ago.

3 hours ago, dcs said:

We used to enjoy this place when it was on Lee Highway in Arlington. Then it burned down and they moved to Great Falls.  We were saddened.  Now saddened anew.

Mediteranee was on the far left of Colvin Run Shopping Center - does anyone know what might have taken its place?

Screenshot 2016-10-20 at 22.56.55.png

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On 10/21/2016 at 0:06 AM, Ferris Bueller said:

it is now a kabob place see link here: 

Zamarod Afghan Cuisine

"Best Kabob in Great Falls" sounds like a personal feud with the *other* kabob house in Great Falls - it's like a hot dog stand boasting about being the best one in Antarctica. :lol:


Actually, I didn't even realize that Kabob Place had closed.

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