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Election Night Specials -- Restaurant Offerings


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Just got an email from the Charlie Palmer Group -- they're doing an election night special (details pasted in below in case anyone is interested). I'm trying not to be a shut-in nursing a bottle of vodka on the sofa all night until the final tally is in. Anyone know of other places offering gustatory distractions?


What: Watch Election Day returns just steps from the Capitol at Charlie Palmer Steak. We're bringing in additional flat-screen TVs for your viewing pleasure.

When: Tuesday, November 4

Where: Charlie Palmer Steak; 101 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC

From 5 - 7 p.m., enjoy complimentary passed canapés of organically grown Virginia Randall Lineback Braised Colonial Veal Ravioli.

Drink specials, also from 5 - 7 p.m., are '08 dollars each and include:

Chaddsford Winery, Proprietor’s Reserve White Wine Blend (Pennsylvania)

White Hall Vineyard, Petit Verdot (Virginia)

Wasmund's Single Malt Whiskey (Virginia)

Cold River Vodka (Maine)

For more information or directions, please call the restaurant at 202.547.8100.

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Anyone know of other places offering gustatory distractions?

Yes - W Domku in Petworth. From her website at http://www.domkucafe.com/Events.html

A Very Partisan Election Watch (and we make no apologies about it)

Join us for this year's historic election night as the returns roll in. Yes, Domku will actually have a TV for this night (it's true) because it’s that important. Watch beer prices fall as Obama’s electoral wins rise. If we’re lucky, by the end of the night, they might be almost free. And don't forget to VOTE before you come in. We'll be open for as long as we can take it.

She's also having food specials.

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Wear your "I Voted" sticker to American Flatbread in Ashburn on Election Day between 5-8 and get a free appetizer (limit one per table).

This week's appetizer specials are:

House made Kalamata Olives & Sun Dried Tomato Tapanade Bruschetta Sprinkled with Asiago & Parmesan

Roasted Beet Salad - Local Organic Roasted Beets, Organic Mesclun Mix & Cherry Glen’s Local Chevre w/ House Made Vinaigrette

Both are awesome.

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Not that any of these places are particular hot-spots for the DR set, but the deals are worth noting in the event that you need some quick calories or a cup of joe the plumber (sorry, I couldn't stop myself.)

Starbucks: free tall coffee, all day

Ben and Jerry’s: free scoop, 5 - 8 PM

Krispy Kreme: free doughnut, all day

Chik Fil A: free chicken sandwich, all day

Books-a-Million: free cup of coffee, all day

California Tortilla: free taco, all day

Daily Grill: free appetizer, Happy Hour

Also worthy of note - 1/2 price services from the Christophe Salons

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Maybe too late for you now, but I think you can get free coffee from Starbucks whether you voted or not or have a sticker or not. News reports say they changed the policy because folks said the promotion of free coffee if you voted ran afoul of election laws. Ben and Jerry's ice cream special is also now for everyone between 5 and 8pm.

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