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Breaking News - Michel Richard To Tysons Corner


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On April 16th, I posted this:

Well if Roberto Donna Will Not Be the New Chef At Maestro, WWBTNCAM?

MR and you heard it here first. You can consider this soft-breaking news.

When someone wants to hard-break it, I expect - at the minimum - proper credit for coining the terms "soft-breaking" and "hard-breaking," as the two terms relate to the brave new frontier of the internet, with its fuzzy, ill-defined boundaries.



I immediately texted my Citronelle contact and let him know I had just broken the news.

His response: "We have no deal yet and could go south. Tread lightly."

My response: "I just deleted it out of respect for you ... I'm not being a good journalist right now, but I'm being a loyal friend - I think the latter is more important."

This morning he texted me back and said the investor packet is being passed around to the press, so the story is out there at this point.


ETA: This evening there will be a penile sword fight between me and Tim Carman (<--- and you should click there for details) at the intersection of 30th & M Streets NW - all proceeds to charity. :rolleyes:

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Given the expansion of the Richard Empire, and the contraction of the economy, it will be interesting to see if the restaurant will be able to reach the heights it once scaled.

Of course, without Slater, probably not. :rolleyes:


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