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Porcupine's Car Flip


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When at home, Porcupine drives a minivan. If you ever see her on the beltway, GET THE HELL OUT OF HER WAY AND LET HER PASS.

You see, on weekends, she steps out of her Dodge Caravan and becomes Lunatic Race Car Driver From Hell.

Witness this video, which was filmed from the inside of her car: click.

And now, this one, which was filmed from another car behind her. The first part of the video is an incidental scrape; Porcupine makes her appearance in the second half (you should be able to spot her car ... it's the white one doing a backflip): click.

(No porcupines were hurt in the making of these videos.)

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'kay, first, I do NOT drive a minivan. laugh.gif Pickup truck sometimes, but no van.

Second, racing is way safer than driving on the Beltway or Rockville Pike...

As a wise woman once told me..... get off your cell phone and drive. But thanks for taking time to make the reservations at.......

OMG, that footage is rather horrifying. I am not sure I'd get back in the driver's seat after something like that.

According to my research, she rented a car the next day, started 24 and passed 16 cars, most of which she left intact. The fellow who told me this says that the best thing to do when you see Porcupine in your rear view mirror is make the international "OK to pass" sign. I take it his thinking is the following: "She is going to do it anyways, and you look so much wiser just giving into the inevitable than getting your ass kicked for all to see!" Plus she loves Bourbon and duck fat. What a woman!

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Love that someone bumped this thread! Totally love it. Hubby has done the Skip Barber racing courses and has done some racing, I have only gotten to do the Mario Andretti and race some porches around Summit Point. Never flipped one though, don't know how I would handle that! But I love seeing how totally cool and diverse our membership is in work and hobbies.

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