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Relic, Fusion Tapas Lounge in Downtown Bethesda - Chef Patrick Gassion on Fairmont Avenue - Closed

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We tried this place Saturday night and have a couple of nice things to say about it. The skirt steak was well seasoned, juicy, and with a pleasant amount of charring, and the service staff was sincerely apologetic about not bringing out the appetizer we ordered. Unfortunately, the rest of our meal didn't live up to the steak. The lamb sausage wrap with harissa was a real disappointment. The sausage resembled microwaved breakfast links and didn't have much flavor at all. The tuscan potatoes were dry and bland, and looked the kind of home fries you'd get at an office breakfast cafe downtown.

The decor was interesting and novel at first, but its design (cross between Hogwarts and Vegas) didn't make up for the fact that its couches were uncomfortable and better suited to lounging and drinking than eating a meal.

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Anyone been here lately? Just realized it existed...worth a look?

Um. Well, I've only ever gone here for happy hours. They're not thrilled about doing individual checks for large crowds, otoh, it's a decent place to fit 10+ and not have to worry about management accidentally walking in and overhearing a bitchfest. (Corporate overlords are *never* going to accidentally make it to Relic.)

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It's worth a look at their website, with speakers on. I literally just wrote lyrics to their five-note motif, so when you hear it, sing to yourself:

"Rest'rant Con-sultant"

It makes it a bit easier to tolerate.

I'm just about ready to start boycotting any restaurant that plays music on their website. Or any Flash-based website that can't be viewed on my phone. Sadly, I'd have to avoid Rasika (owner of the world's least practical website), but it would be worth it in the long run.

Perhaps a "Restaurant Website" thread would be in order where I can plead my case to restauranteurs.

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