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I'm Indecisive Today


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Ok, so I know exactly where I would go for my birthday. But it isn't my birthday. I need to pick a spot for us to go for my Hubby's birthday with his sister and brother. Normally we go wherever I want to go or try, or where friends pick. He normally is happy enough to do that, so I don't really know where he would want to go, but want to try somewhere we haven't been in a long time or ever. He likes more casual spots with more comfort food. But he also likes Sushi and Thai (he likes Indian too, but I don't know about his sister). Some of his favorite places are Againn, Tallula and Ray's. Since his brother and sister will probably be footing the bill I don't want it to be too expensive, but it can be moderate. We all also appreciate a good drink. Well crafted cocktails or nice beer list.


Can accommodate gluten free

Has some non-red meat options

Not too out there in terms of cuisine (brains, innards, etc)

The problem is I am indecisive today. Normally his siblings can rely on me to make the perfect call. But I just don't know where he would like to go. We can go anywhere in NOVA or DC.

Hubby also isn't a huge fan of really crowded places if he doesn't have a reservation. He just is a bit impatient. Thoughts or ideas?

I was thinking perhaps Ardeo+Bardeo, Firefly, Commonwealth, Bar at Trummer's on Main or ?????? Any thoughts on those or additions to the list?

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No we won't be able to make a reservation before 7:30earliest, so Estadio is probably out due to crowds. We love Dino, but also have been pretty recently, but that might be an option Hubby does love some pasta since he doesn't get much at home anymore.

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