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Flying Fish Coffee and Tea, Mount Pleasant - Owner Michael Visser Serving Up Counter Culture Coffee - Closed Mar 12, 2017

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Flying Fish Coffee and Tea is now open (and has been for a few weeks in Mt Pleasant). It's excellent- very friendly, straightforward and good coffee and espresso. Haven't tried the teas just yet. Their iced coffee is terrific. Fantastic addition to the street . Counter Culture beans, they have the usual drip, pour over and mixed drinks. Worth a stop if you are in the neighborhood.

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Flying Fish (FF) is a fun name for a coffee shop. And, the fact that it's virtually invisible here on DR.com is a shame but understandable. This is only the second post on FF since four years ago when MTPeter started this topic. For reference, FF has three reviews on TripAdvisor, which isn't normally great for small local spots like this away from big hotels and attractions. On Yelp, it has 99 reviews. Hopefully this new coffee forum will prompt more interest and activity in coffee here on dr.com.

Anyway, I ventured into FF for the first time this week and thought it a lovely neighborhood shop. They use Counter Culture coffee which gets a fair bit of criticism outside it's home state of North Carolina for being too big, not local and the like. But it is good coffee and they are a company serious about roasting at a high level. They also support small independent shops well, which is why we see them so often in spots like Peregrine, Northside Social and others.

This shop isn't especially hip or cool. But it does have fast and free wifi, a larger-than-typical selection of baked goods and other foods mostly made in house, basic mismatched seating for about 25, and a neat logo. As with any small shop, the experience on any given day will largely depend on the staff working. When I was in, they were very nice and skilled at both brewing and espresso-drink making. Had an excellent Burundi pourover.

In a word, Flying Fish is comfortable. Seems clear Mt. Pleasant appreciates them even if some yelpers feel differently.

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"Flying Fish Coffee and Tea Closing March 12th in Mount Pleasant - New Concept Coming from 'Each Peach' Owners" on popville.com

Screenshot 2017-07-11 at 10.47.53 AM.png


[Rieux and others: It's always encouraged to link to articles, preferably the source that originally broke the news, along with the source who gives the most news, citing the author's name for each. This is just to ensure proper credit is given - if anyone doesn't know how to do this, read this post, or PM me (hover your cursor over my name) and ask - I'll be glad to help you. 

The preferred form is as follows: "Title of Article" [with a hyperlink to the original web page] by Author on Website (so, three things).

Cheers, Rocks]

And Rieux, thanks for the update - I would not have known: the title, tags, and Dining Guide now all reflect this. Cheers!

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