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Shiki Sushi, Korean-Owned Japanese in Ballston Commons, Closed

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If this restaurant is already in the Dining Guide, then please move this post. But I couldn't find it and it's not a chain, so here I go....good find!

Shiki Sushi had me expecting a typical suburban sushi place with some Asian fusion and so-so sushi. After all, the good sushi places are all downtown, right?

Get your butts to Shiki Sushi in the Ballston Mall, and get there soon, before they discover that their quality is high above the typical suburban sushi joint. The sushi in this place is pristine as all get-out, and the quality is top notch. Lady KN and I had ample amounts of tuna, salmon, toro, shrimp and eel nigiro -- each one was spectular -- as well as spicy tuna roll and spider roll. I would eat here daily if I could. What a pleasant Mall surprise.

I asked and asked and asked again, and they are not part of a chain. I don't know if that's good or bad in their case, because Mall rents can be rather hefty, but this is a first-class sushi restaurant. But this place is quite the surprise as far as quality goes, and I'll need to circle back to confirm that over multiple visits and multiple menu selections. But suffice it to say, as Northern Virginia sushi is concerned, Shiki Sushi is now in my rotation.


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So last week I went there and got the "Sushi C" - basically the biggest combo plate.

They had one roll that was spicy crab - it looked like grated cheese to me but it was surprisingly good, though the texture took some getting used to.

Everything else was quite good, though I got my usual "sushi bloat" - probably didn't help that I had two 22 ounce Kirins with it. Still, not bad pricing either.

And on a Saturday night, it was pretty empty...

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Went again last night. The sushi itself was fine, though the rice was a bit dry. I did like that they used very small portions (compared to many places) of rice, so I didn't get the bloat.

I did end up with the spicy crab roll again, but was too full to eat it. The texture on that one is just hard for me to deal with. It looks like shredded cheese! My brain can't process that!

I also noticed they had donburi (sp?). I might try that next time.

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I like their vegetable gyoza soup and have ordered it twice. It's a light broth with vegetables and gyoza.

Their Korean stone pot bibimbap is fine, not great. The stone pot is not as heavy as other Korean restaurants' pots so the bowl doesn't retain enough heat to crisp the rice. And you don't get the Korean banchan like you'd get in other Korean restaurants. But, this place is close so I've gone here for bibimbap when I'm in the mood for bibimbap and don't feel like or have time to drive to Annandale.

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Why you need me on this wall, part X of Y:

I went to Shiki Sushi's home page this evening, and found this on the top part:


And then I scrolled down, and found this just below (you can use the picture of the maki rolls with the sauce that looks like Russian dressing on them for perspective):


This is almost like an early Beethoven Sonata, with the exposition repeated, except not really.

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