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Lia Cafe International (Formerly Lia Cafe Brazil), Brazilian Cafe and Bakery at 3103 Mount Pleasant Street in Mount Pleasant - Open Anew After a Six-Month Closure - Closed Again

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Just saw this piece about Lia Cafe about a new Brazilian cafe opening in Mt. Pleasant.  Looks like it will have all the typical salgadinhos (Pao de Quijo, Kibbe, etc.) that you would find in a Brazilian corner bakery.  Hope they also have acai and juices, like a real Rio juice bar.  No matter what, I think I will be here a lot.  It's a bit sad for me, though.  I had an idea to open a place like Each Peach Market, and then someone beat me to it, and my next idea was to open something like this, and I've been beat to it again!

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Tried it yesterday - excellent Pao de Queijo (tapioca cheese bread), Excellent Coxinha de frango (chicken in a fried croquette shell), not so good kibbe.  Still, I'd go back for the first two items over and over again.

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