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DC Pizza - Quick-Serve Pizza "Ready In Three Minutes" on 19th and L Street Downtown

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I had lunch at the Westfield Montgomery (formerly Montgomery Mall) Blaze Pizza today at around 11:45 (they opened at 11, and I was ticket #9). If you're standing outside, facing the Cheesecake Factory, go into the entrance on your left (do this despite the daunting construction) - It's Bobby's Burger Palace on your right, and Blaze Pizza on your left.


The two restaurants that popped into my head were Chipotle Grill and Subway. Chipotle, because they're probably the most disruptive restaurant of our generation, establishing (if not inventing) the "quick-serve" or "fast-casual" model that *everyone* is trying to emulate, some with more success than others. Subway, because as I was standing there, meandering down the line, I stared at some of the ingredients (and I'm thinking right now of the sliced pepperoni and sliced olives), saying to myself, 'Ugh, I'm in Subway.' 


As for the pizza, it's about what you'd think it would be - barely enough food for an adult meal, stingy on the toppings, and enough to keep the average person satisfied until dinnertime. The breakthrough here is the quick-serve format for pizzas, and I suspect that Blaze Pizza will do just fine - the quick-serve format is a proven winner, and other than hamburgers, pizza is probably the most widely sought food in America (this is just a guess, but I guarantee it's in the top five). Personally, I have no need to return, but I wasn't repelled either, so I would willingly go again if I were in the mall with someone who wanted to try it, but I also bear no delusions that I'm getting anything of higher quality than any other fast-casual joint.


The trend is certainly exploding...just walked by DC Pizza on my way to lunch.

I'll try it out after dropping a few RW pounds.

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I *love* the "at least that's their perception comment" - people who think they're getting a markedly better dining experience at fast-casual restaurants than at fast-food restaurants remind me very much of people who buy SUVs instead of Minivans, thinking they're being rugged.

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In honor of the ongoing Simpsons marathon on FXX, DC Pizza can be easily summed up in one word...meh.

Simple and familiar MO that you can find on their website linked above, pick a sauce, pick a cheese, pick a few toppings, they stick it in the conveyer oven, and in a few minutes out pops your pizza.

Crust: Pretty decent. Not too thin, you get a nice crunch on the crusts, and the middle stays soft. Not a lot of flavor, but it has a good chew.

Sauce: Both sauces that I tried, classic and spicy, tasted jarred. Not terrible, but nothing interesting either.

Cheese: Avoid the gloppy house blend like the plague, and get the massively better fresh mozzarella.

Toppings: Pretty solid sausage, weak pepperoni, nice pineapple in my limited research.

Overall experience...fine. The size is perfect for lunch, the service is quick, and that's about all there is to say.

Prices are good...$6.39 for cheese, or $8.69 for three toppings.

Better than Pizza Hut or Domino's, a half-step below Vapiano's (albeit cheaper and quicker) and, obviously, nowhere near the premium places.

So if you're in the mood for a quick slice of pizza for lunch, then remember you're in DC and that's probably not an option, DC Pizza isn't a bad choice. I'll probably go back at some point.

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