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Nonna's Kitchen, Alphonse's "Kitchen Within a Kitchen" at 12th and U Street in Cardozo - Closed

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Dec 7, 2014 - "At Alphonse Market and Nonna's Kitchen, There are Two Sides to Italian Cooking" by Tom Sietsema on washingtonpost.com

From the article: "I wouldn't have predicted it, but recent dinners at Nonna's Kitchen, romantic in red and a mere 24 seats, suggest there's a future for fine dining in the neighborhood."

Want to know a secret?

Nonna's closed - quietly - at the beginning of August.

Supposedly, they were going to reopen, but I tried to get a reservation in September, and cannot.

Word on the street is that the market for chefs is crashing in DC, but I don't think too many people want to hear that just yet.

*Lots* of young people out there who want to "run a restaurant" but haven't paid their dues ... the market is starting to come into equilibrium, and it's not a pretty sight to see ... when the absurd becomes the norm, you're in a bubble that's about to pop.

My advice: If you have a good job right now, clutch onto it with your life: It is *not* a good time to be getting cocky. We are witnessing the end of an up-trend - it happened in 2008, and when the market, ahem, "recovered," the entire landscape of DC Dining changed. Don't worry if you don't remember, because you may well get a chance to see it all over again.

cheezepowder's amazing research has provided the public with an important historical document about a subset of Washington, DC's economy.

Everyone seems to think Washington, DC is on fire as this booming restaurant town. And it is: It's on fire, and it's about to burn out.

Was it George Orwell who said a lunatic is a minority of one?

I'm sorry to piss on this party, but the party is winding down.

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