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Leonard Cohen (1934-2016), Legendary Canadian Singer, Songwriter, Poet, and Novelist

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I think as an introduction I would start with the 1975 "Best of" compilation (still available - it's the one that starts with Suzanne and Sisters of Mercy), then jump to any one of his late-period records like maybe Old Ideas (2012).  If still interested, then The Future (1992). It is possible that the accompaniment and production of any or all of them will strike you as dated, or lightweight.  Maybe true.  But you can determine whether you enjoy immersing yourself in the lyrics and the voice and then the vibe.

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On 11/13/2016 at 0:15 PM, DaveO said:

I think Dylan could accept the Nobel for literature and reference his "altered ego" brother in writing and lyrics, Leonard Cohen.

@Bart I'd listen to Leonard Cohen's music through his own albums and also sung by other artists

This is sad.  One of those who I've loved listening to since the late '60s, but never got to see in person.

And I agree that he's one of the artists (like Dylan) whose material should be listened to as done by others' voices as well as his own.  And not just "Suzanne" by Judy Collins or "Bird on the Wire" by Tim Hardin.  "Tower of Song -- the Songs of Leonard Cohen" has some very good moments (its a collection of songs by other famous artists) & I really like "Famous Blue Raincoat -- the Songs of Leonard Cohen" by Jennifer Warnes as well.

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If Bob Dylan is in this Literature Forum (the guy won a Nobel Prize, for Pete's sake), Leonard Cohen can be too, right?

Personally, I think Serge Gainsbourg could be also.

<<Je t'aime ... Moi non plus>> translates to, "I love you ... Me neither."
 <<Je vais et je viens, entre tes reins, et je me retiens>> translates to, "I come and I go, between your loins, and I hold back."
<< Non! Maintenant viens!>> translates to, "No! Come now!"
Several prominent critics accused them of having sex during the recording - it's about the most sexual song I've ever heard, apologies to Donna Summer.

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