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Angry Inch Saloon - A Bar, Or Something Serving Alcohol on 18th Street in Adams Morgan - Closed

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Good! I hate that place, it is a waste of space.

The above post references that the Angry Inch got its liquor license suspended for serving underage folks. The only advantage to this place is that it keeps a nice chunk of annoying fools in one place. I'll be honest- if this place closed its doors and never existed again I can't say that I would even think of shedding a tear. Maybe I'd dance on it's former ground though. Terrible doesn't begin to explain this.

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This place doesn't even pass muster for the lowest of the low bar criteria for any D.C. establishment: a kickballers' bar. If you can't get it together enough to meet the minimum hang-out conditions of a bunch of sweaty, t-shirted 20-somethings looking to do nothing more than get drunk on cheap beer and shots, play flip cup, and hook up with each other you have truly failed. And that's saying something.

That being said, wasn't there some big crackdown on carding just before the holidays? I would guess a lot of places got snagged by the undercovers.

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Damn it, I literally had this as the *lowest* entry in the Adams Morgan rankings; the only problem is that I forgot to move it when it closed. I don't know when it closed, and quite frankly, I don't really care - but, as usual, I'll look just to get the ordering right in the Dining Guide, damn it. (Thanks, SF, I think)

PoPVille just says it so much better than I could ever hope to ... stand forth, and take a bow, PoPVille - I'm not even going to type in the name of the article; it's just too long, but thank you for writing it.




We'll never have a thread for Shenanigan's Irish Pub, and quite frankly, I don't want one. I mean, if someone wants to start one, please do, and I'll keep track of it as usual, but it won't be me.

And thank you to our members for never having started threads on all the interim hell-holes that were at 2450 18th St. NW.

In closing, I think it fitting to quote this member of Yelp: "I believe Angry Inch has new owners and a new name - last time the place was as empty as a Congressman's conscience."

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Once upon a time, when I lived in Adams Morgan (so, 1986 or so), this spot was called Las Rocas, and was a Salvadoran bar downstairs and a Mexican restaurant upstairs.

The waiter we always got was a nice kid working his way through college (as were we!). There was decent food that we could afford on our minuscule budget. There was a fish tank, and on weekends, a guitar player who looked just like Manuel from "Fawlty Towers."

And that's the last time I was inside that space.

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