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  1. I loved this place and thought the broth was magical. Service was great and the space is exactly what they are working towards. The dumplings were meh but everything else was money.
  2. Its a life changing experience. Chef Johnny Monis makes me want to be a better man. They only do a tasting menu now which means you have absolutely no choice of the food you are going to eat. It might make you uncomfortable, but sometimes the best experiences are uncomfortable at first. We had approximately 15 courses, I cannot remember them all but each one knocks you on your ass and makes you say "holy damn, this is amazing." The first course was an amazing piece of hamachi sushi with sea salt, incredible. The fish melted in your mouth and you could taste each of the different ingredien
  3. We hit up this joint on Friday night. Every table was take and there seems to be a buzz about this place right now. The space looks sharp and is different from any other Ethiopean place I have been to in the city. It is hard to explain but it seems more upscale than Dukem and Etete. We got the Signature Lamb Tibs and the vegetarian sampler. Both were exceptional. The Lamb Tibs actually comes in a small pot that has a candle under it keeping it warm as you progress through the meal. Dittos to a previous poster about the collard green, I usually am not a fan but these were fantastic. The
  4. From Frozen Tropics: Soft Opening tonight from 5pm-10pm Send reservation requests to: info@ethiopicrestaurant.com http://www.ethiopicrestaurant.com/ Very excited for this new Ethiopian place.
  5. Looks like they had bad info http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/youngandhungry/2009/08/28/not-so-fast-theres-no-deal-for-a-rays-hell-burger-in-adams-morgan/
  6. I have gone to this place about 6 times for lunch now and it is fantastic. They have some great sandwiches and their salads are pretty good. The mozzarella on my tomato salad was amazing. I can't wait to try this place out for dinner.
  7. What happened to all the post people had the other day. Looks like they got deleted. Went to Ray's today for lunch and it was a zoo, but the crew was doing their best to help the situation. Passing out complementary fresh squeezed lemonade to the crowd waiting out the door and briefing all of the n00bs on the process helped the situation. However, it still took too long to get a burger and two of ours were slightly overcooked. Hopefully the crowds will die down to a more acceptable level in the next couple of weeks. I wonder how many burgers they sold today?
  8. This place is going to rock, I can't wait for it to open. H st is the place to be.
  9. He ordered his burger medium well!!!! wtf
  10. Details? Sorry for my lack of details. I went there this weekend for a friend's birthday. The food was not very good neither was the wine. It has sort of a darka nd dirty feel to the place and it is very cheesy. I am not an expert on Moroccan culture or food, but neither were our servers, they weren't Moroccan. The bill for two of us was $160 and they don't take credit card. Marrakesh is a gimmicky place that doesn't pull off their gimmick very well.
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