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The Washington Post Comments Section

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The washingtonpost.com comments section is filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of innocents, fools, and idiots.

You have those who spend two hours writing "clever" limericks which might be at home in a weekly limerick competition. Intelligent people, but intelligence flushed down a black hole.

You have those who think logical discourse will work, and that people will remember what they type five minutes after they type it. Logical, well-informed people, whose arguments are largely gone forever, yet who somehow think they influenced the world. Ugh, this is as painful as anything.

And you have those who are there to defecate on the living room floor of their host's free party. This is why communities need light moderation - to prevent the trolls from taking control, or intimidate their best writers.

It's pathetic.

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WaPo's comment section is even more of a jungle than NYT's comment sections. 

I don't read them because it takes me about 10 nanoseconds before my brain explodes. We wouldn't want that to happen in real life.

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