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Block Bar, Cocktail Bar inside of The Block - John Marr Drive in Annandale, VA

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19 minutes ago, DonRocks said:

A directory outside The Block listing its establishments:


After walking through The Block, we had a couple of cocktails at Block Bar, and all three were wonderful, particularly the last two, made with egg whites (a fresh egg, cracked, and de-yolked à la minute). Here are current copies of their menus:


Not pictured was a Dark N' Stormy ($10) with Lime, Ginger Beer, and Spiced Rum. The least complex of the three drinks, it was still a delightful rendition, and perfect for a warm summery evening.

The two egg-white drinks were exceptional: Bees Knees ($11) with Honey, Lemon, Gin (Tanqueray), and Egg White, is a drink that I have often, and this was one of the very best versions of it I've had lately - you can see the Before and After pictures and the quality is obvious - regard the infinite froth:


As good as that was, my drink of the night was the sensational Cucumber Gin Fizz ($11), with Cucumber, Simple Syrup, Lime, St. Germain, Gin (Tanqueray), and Egg White - this was one of the very best cocktails I've had this year, and I even tweeted about the affable bartender who made it:

IMG_1614.jpg <--- Cocktails do not get any better than this.

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17 hours ago, Bob Wells said:

Being of a certain age, when I saw this thread title I thought it would be a guide to eateries on East Baltimore St in Baltimore, where the go-to used to be Polock Johnny's.😂

I am certain that the developers that are behind this second location of their original in VA did not do their homework on naming the new spot, and wonder if perhaps the locals may have a chuckle as well on the title of the food hall. 

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The whole shopping strip, with the former K-Mart now subdivided into a grocery store and several restaurant sites, appears to be on the cusp of transforming into something interesting.  Worth keeping an eye on it. 

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