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Secret Menus


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but others are places like Jamba Juice.
I'll probably wait for warmer weather to try some blends from this website:

6 Ounces Peach Juice

4 Ounces Soymilk

One "Green" scoop of:





(Basically all of the sherbets)

and One green scoop of mangos.

A way to order this:

"Orange Dream Machine"


Sub Peach Juice

LIGHT Orange Sherbet

Sub Raspberry Sherbet

NO Fro Yo

Sub Lime Sherbet AND Pineapple Sherbet

NO Soy Protein

Sub Mangos (If they wont let you sub protein for magos, then just pay the 50 cents)

Michaela writes: one scoop of lime, rasberry, froyo, pineapple, orange sherbert + 10 ounces of soy milk + one cup of peaches = white gummy bear

Sour Patch Kid... (from Karen)

Original size, 12 oz lemonade

one scoop of each sherbert, lime, pineapple, raspberry, and orange

one scoop of blueberries


Fruity Pebbles (from Ninja Sauce)

-Soymilk (tell them you want the Protiene Berry Pizzaz, and you want to substitute everything except the soymilk with...

-Orange sherbert

-Rasp sherbert

-Lime sherbert

-Pineapple sherbert

PB&J Sandwich (from Candi)

12oz soymilk

2 scoops fro yo

2 strawberry

1 blueberry

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Who cares about secret menus at fast food joints, even marginally interesting ones like Chipotle (which I go to very occasionally, and then get the salad)? Now if they came up with a secret menu at the local Chinese place (oh yeah, they do have them, they are written in Chinese) or at Citronelle . . .

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I'm interested in the Chipotle quesadilla too but kinda feel like I'd be faced with confused looks if I tried to order one. But if someone tries to order one, let us know!

We get them all the time. That's all my 7-year-old will eat at Chipotle. You can order a "whole" or "small", with or without meat. The "small" with just cheese is a buck and change.

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Thanks - which Chipotle location(s) have you ordered them at?

Have also ordered the cheese quesadilla for the kids at multiple area Chipotle's. The kids love 'em but don't expect anything special. Pretty much just melted cheese in a tortilla...does not really taste much different than putting grated jack cheese in a Trader Joe's tortilla at home.

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