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Half-Price Burger Nights


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Fill in the list below with your entries:


Half-price booze at Mimi's on 22nd and P St.

Sun:  Beacon Bar and Grill (burgers)

Half-price wine at Mendocino in G'town.

$1 mimosas and bloody marys at Hamburger Mary's during brunch

Does it say something about me that all my entries are about booze rather than food???

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I think Clyde's has a $4 burger til 7, Monday-Thursday. But this could bear a little fact-checking.

Edited to add: Chef Geoff's has 1/2 price burgers all night Monday and Tuesday and til 7 the rest of the week. Again, probably need to run this by the Society for Sincerity and Accuracy in Happy Hour Posts.

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Health Bar is operated by the folks who own the Capitol City Brewing Companies.  Their burgers are quite good.

No kidding? Hmm, I'll have to check into that. I thought they just had fruit, smoothies, and energy bars. You know, all that healthy crap.

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