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Office Lunch Catering


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Need catering suggestions for in-office working lunch. Tired of the same ol’ sandwiches/wraps/ paninnis and pesto/Caesar/garden salads and cookies the size of frisbees.

Tried and true: High Noon, Cosi, Lawsons, Au Bon Pain, and Corner Bakery with Millar and Devour being recently added to the rotation. Port of Piraeus comes highly recommended, as does Couscous Café. Any others?

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Our office always enjoys Couscous Cafe's catering for lunch.

Also, we have had bagel/muffin/pastry platters from DC Central Kitchen that are good and inexpensive and always delivered on time... but we haven't tried their lunch platters. Using a charilty also impresses some of our liberal employees and clients.

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