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Where can I find some good latkes? We'll make 'em at home, but if I need a second restaurant helping, where should I go?

I know they aren't Latkes proper, but I've always enjoyed the Kartoffelpuffer mit Apfelmus at Old Europe (and if you don't like them, you can at least get a chuckle out of pronouncing the name). I tried the Placki Ziemniaczane at Domku a long time ago, but can't remember if I liked them or not.

(Latke recipe thread is here).



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Costco in Pentagon City has had "fresh" (as in not frozen) Golden's brand latkes in 24 packs for about $6 for the past few weeks. We've tried them and they are actually pretty good. 24 latkes is a lot, but they freeze really well. Of note as well, they have been carrying a number of prepackaged, not frozen Kosher stuff lately: stuffed cabbage, pastrami, whole salamis.

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Anyone had good ones somewhere not listed above?  If so, I'll keep it in mind for next year's Hanukkah (or even tonight).

I've had very good latkes in the past at DGS, and they're still on the menu:


However, it has been over a year since I've had them there, so I can't be sure. I remember them as being on the small side, with great detail paid to the fruit condiment; there's something about latkes for me which need to be *BIG*. Homemade Jewish-Italian grandma food. Abondanza. But if there's any smell of old oil, no matter how big they are, forget it; in terms of using fresh oil, DGS's were clean as a whistle.

Even though I haven't been there in years, I'd bet my recommendation of Old Europe stands (they're a step down in quality from DGS, but nice and floppy!)

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I'll delete this, but wanted to share one of the weirdest, most inexplicable few seconds of my life.

I was in the process of moving Ilaine's (excellent) Latkes post to Shopping and Cooking, and had just "cut" this from the original post:

Where can I find some good latkes? We'll make 'em at home, but if I need a second restaurant helping, where should I go?

And was just about to "paste" it in front of Ilaine's post so it wouldn't lose context, and so you'd have a link back to this thread.

As Ilaine's entire post was sitting in front of me, I clicked on "Edit Post" which is what I must do to insert the original quote.

When I clicked that button, her entire post disappeared, and this is what was sitting in front of me - this and nothing else:

Edit: I am moving this post to Shopping and Cooking.

Just before I was doing this, I was thinking about the Night Gallery TV series that I'm working on. When I saw this message, sitting there, staring back at me, I just sat there in silence. Five seconds passed, ten seconds passed, and I was just fixated on the screen, wondering how it was possible for something I was *about to do* to be sitting there on my computer screen. I was sure I didn't type this message. I couldn't have. And yet, there it was. Fifteen seconds passed. Twenty seconds. Then it dawned on me that Ilaine must have simultaneously been editing the post, and she left the message between the time that I had "cut" the original quote, and clicked on "Edit Post" which was a duration of about five seconds, maximum. My computer was telling me what I was *about to do*. It took me close to thirty seconds to sort through this and figure it out, and those were thirty of the creepiest seconds of my life - creepy to the point of almost being scary.

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