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Havabite Eatery, Family Owned Greek and Italian on Main Street and University Drive in Fairfax Since 1978

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My wife and I have been going to Havabite in Old Town Fairfax for a while now. Our kids love it. In fact, my daughter picked it for her birthday dinner yesterday. My daughter and I are fans of the bacon pizza. Not bacon bits, but nice strips of bacon. My wife generally gets the chicken souvlaki. Last night, we ordered the hummus appetizer and enjoyed that too. They also have gyros, Greek salads, Greek appetizers, Greek entrees, pasta, calzones, subs, and burgers.

This place is very reasonably priced and offers friendly service. That's friendly service, not necessarily speedy service. They sometimes take their time. But, I mainly wanted to post this to mention the friendly service they provided last night for my daughter's birthday.

We ordered my daughter's birthday cake from Victoria's Cakery, which is on the same block as Havabite. Unfortunately, they close at 5 PM on weekdays and we weren't going to be able to get there in time. When my wife mentioned that we were hoping to get the cake when we were in the area at Havabite, they suggest we ask Havabite if they can pick it up for us. Well, we did and they did. They picked up the cake for us and kept it for us until we finished dinner (around 8 PM). Then they brought it out for us with plates and forks.

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I had lunch w/ my son here yesterday, he got a chicken Parmesan sub, I got a chicken souvlaki sandwich, & we split a Greek appetizer plate. He was a little thrown off when I said the 3rd dip (other than hummus & tatziki) was probably taramasalata (& explaining cod roe). My sandwich was good, & messy, I don't think you can tackle this delicately. Fries were wickedly hot, right out of the fryer.

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I love this place..everytime i go and get THE BEST CAKES IN THE WORLD..AT VICTORIAS CAKERY..2 doors up, I like to get something to go from Havabite.  I looked in the back of the tiny kitchen one day and got a tour from the owner.the meat for the gyro is REAL :)...havent had a bad item yet and i really like the tamirasoulata and mousakka

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