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What's good in Dupont Circle these days?


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I'm probably taking someone out for dinner who's staying just south of Dupont Circle. What's really good in the area these days? I've had good meals at Firefly and Circle Bistro before, but it's been a while. I'm looking for something roughly in the price range of those two. Was thinking also potentially of Pesce, but no one's talked about the food there on this board in 9 months or so. Any good experiences there lately?

All suggestions welcome, and thanks...


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South Dupont is lean territory (I consider Spezie and Vidalia "North Downtown" (and both good choices, especially the bar menu at Vidalia) - maybe the bar at West End Bistro too, although their wine program is still terrible). Not sure about Hudson or Giovanni's Trattu these days, but both times I've tried Heritage Dupont I didn't like it - if you can head up to P Street, there's Pizzeria Paradiso, Sakana, Urbana (the restaurant, not the noisy bar), Pesce (my choice), or maybe even Stars Bistro which has singing servers after 7:30 PM Wednesday through Saturday. Obelisk, Jockey Club, and Nora are all too expensive. Continuing north on Connecticut there's Sette Osteria (for pizza only) Mourayo (although my last meal there was off) and of course Bistrot du Coin (which is what it is) - with a sea of mediocrity in between.

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