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Sichuan Pavilion


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Anyone up for a $20 Tuesday on Monday August 10? They have 2 large table that would seat 8 comfortably and they seem really happy to have us. a small and a large palte per person could not possibly come to $20.

Post here and I will make the reservation later this week.

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the syms is east of the tracks. This is on the pike in the same area at the old Taste of Saigon. I don't remeber exactly where the old TOS was as I only ate there once a long time ago. Here is the link to the google street view. It may even be in that endless ocean of parking lots connected to Bob's and you can drive to the parking lot of the Maxim Supermarket without leaving the parking lot (of course, you do have to ignore the wrong way do not evter sign :rolleyes: to do so.

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Ok, I'm going for the "Whole Fish in Sichuan Hot Sauce." It's on their lunch special menu (#20) but they can't possibly give you a whole fish for $6.95. Strangely it's not on their normal menu. This is a dish that I think will test their seafood skills. When done properly, it's very flavorful as it's braised with fermented beans with a little spiciness to it - if done improperly, the fish will be fishy and not much else.

Another interesting dish would be the baby bok choy with preserved egg on top (#16 under vegetables). This will be fun!

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What!!! Are we allowed to bring our own?

No. This is Mongomery County and thats alcohol we are talking about. Do you think Montgomery County is a free place where you have choice when it comes to alcohol? You want to sneak alcohol in to go with your dinner dine in DC or Iraq or somwhere else like that!

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This seems to be the final count for Monday 7pm at Sichuan Pavilion




Porcupine ?+1?




?Eroica 38?

?Jeff C?

7 plus 3 maybes. PM me if there is any change. See you there, briing cash (no way it could be $30 including tax & tip, but do bring more so we can bail out Eric if he decides to sneak his own beer into Mongomery County!

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