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Private Dining Rooms for 50 People


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My alma mater, Westimnster College in Fulton, Missouri is a great small liberal arts school, best know for having been the site of Winston Churchill's Iron Curtain speech. I loved my time there.

But every year that I have lived in DC our annual area alumni dinner has been held at Maggiano's. For the first six years it was at the very-convenient-for-me Tyson's location but city-dwellers who are afraid to cross the river complained that it should be someplace Metro-accessible. So we ended up at the Chevy Chase Maggiano's last week and even more people complained that this was even harder to get to.

Now I've been asked my advice on a mid,-priced, more centrally located, metro accesible, preferably near a transfer station, with a private room that can accomodate a party of about 40 or 50 with a slide projector.

And do I need to mention that I am hoping for better food than Maggiano's barely-serviceable, but overly abundent spread?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Boulevard Woodgrill in Clarendon is Metro-accessible (there's also free garage parking a block away after 5 pm) and has a nice, private room downstairs that should easily accommodate a group that size and a slide projector. Our office holiday party was there last year and the food was decent (I think it's a bit better than serviceable) and reasonably priced, AND service was very good.

[old friend of mine went to Westminster, at least for a little while, back in '86]

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Sorry I missed your follow up the first time around. I passed these and a few other ideas along to the Alumni Director.

I posted this right after the 2005 dinner, so the 2006 dinner isn't until next October. I'm hopeful that when the time comes she'll follow up and I can help guide her in the right direction.

But we'll see.

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I am looking for a private dining room in a restaurant in the District that seats 50 people for a company holiday party. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Poste can seat up to 45 in the back dining room. They may be able to squeeze 50 - you should call them and ask.



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