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Taking the Day off Tomorrow


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My wife is off tomorrow, and I've been traveling a ton recently, so I thought I'd take the day off and spend the day as a tourist in DC with her (museums, Arlington Cemetary, MLK memorial maybe?). But, I don't want to eat like a tourist...any ideas for good lunch and happy hour? I'm thinking of places I wouldn't normally go to for dinner or lunch (so no Greek Deli, for example) and are really good deals (like Vidalia, but I've been there for lunch quite a few times already). Anywhere that's pretty easy to get to in DC works for me.


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If you are down by the Mall at lunchtime and want to go upscale then:

701 features a $15 at the bar menu

Fiola offers two different 3-course lunch specials for $19 and $26

Central appears to offer a 3-course lunch special for $21

Proof also has a lunch time bar deal

Zaytinya is also another good lunch option...no specials but the patio is nice on a sunny day.

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I know I'm starting to sound like an investor for this restaurant, but do give Cedar a try. Sure, it's "New American" cuisine that is found everywhere, but it's never talked about much and I find it's food as solid as the other good places in the area (and MUCH better than Central!). They have a great Happy Hour deal, I believe (though I've only been to lunches and dinners). If I don't feel like something super casual in the Penn Quarter area, I go to this place as a treat.

Might or might not be too late to try and get into a Rasika lunch?

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Ended up at Central for lunch (a good call) and then took a very touristy route and went to Fogo, because it was close to where we parked and we had never been. I can barely lay on my belly right now... (and it was better than I thought it'd be). Thanks for all the recs everyone!

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