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Cocktails and Bar Bites - Farragut West or Courthouse


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Perhaps the new Retro Ray's at Courthouse might work for you if you could get there before all the seats are taken (the website says 40 seats).

Not if you're looking for cocktails - they have liquor, but at most are doing some very simple drinks.

On the cocktail side, if you're looking in Courthouse specifically, I'd suggest Wilson Tavern for classic cocktails. If you're willing to move up to Clarendon, you'll have a few more choices.

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I second Vidalia. It's been a couple months, but they have a different menu in the bar with lots of good bar snacks, classic cocktails, friendly bartenders...and there was just a few people on a Friday (mostly out of towners and not a douchebag to be found).

After checking their website, it looks like they have a new bar menu coming on February 20th...

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In Foggy Bottom proper, District Commons is pretty good for this. I find Circle Bistro kind of depressing (it's basically a basement and has been empty the few times I've been in). I don't like Tonic and Circa is Circa. Ris, Westend, and Bourbon Steak are also not far.

Courthouse is harder. Me Jana's tiny bar immediately leaps to mind, but I've never gotten a cocktail there. If that didn't work, I'd probably walk up to Clarendon for Lyon Hall, Liberty, or Eventide (in that order). Eatbar is maybe the best at this in the vicinity, but it's a haul.

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