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I don't anything about Fairfax, but Arlington has a supplemental meals tax above the state sales tax that makes it 10% instead of 6%. My guess is that the Starbucks is in a jurisdiction with the same--Fairfax city maybe? Or is that part of Falls Church?

Some places create two line items--one for state and one for local--to clarify.

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Wel,l if that isn't a great reason to dine in Bethesda, and Grapeseed in particular. Stop in and enjoy our luxurious 6% Sales tax (you can avoid the 9% on alcohol by bringing your own wine, no tax on corkage). if you become a regular or a general high roller we usually don't even charge the corkage anyway.

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I think it would be incredibly useful if someone would come up with a table (no pun intended) of restaurant sales tax percentages (dine-in and carry-out may be different in some places) for our four forums: Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City - and all their corresponding suburbs, such as City of Alexandria, Baltimore County, Prince Georges County, Cherry Hill, NJ, West Chester, PA, Long Island, etc.

There are probably two-dozen autonomous authorities with two-dozen different tax levels, and it would be extremely useful to have them all in one thread.

Would someone please tackle this project? I will put it in the top post, perhaps even in its own thread, and give it some notoriety.

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