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1 hour ago, MichaelBDC said:

I saw the tweet come across a few hours ago and it looks like they're almost full...if not completely full by now...



Thanks for spreading the word @Eater_DC ! We just opened the last 20 reservations! Hope to see you there! dc.eater.com/2016/12/7/1386…

They had 300 reservations basically snapped up in two days or so.  Impressive.

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A really fine Restaurant Week lunch here yesterday (for Bob's 70th birthday). They have four or five options for the first two courses, some created especially for this week. I went for the special honeydew soup with fresno chile and pistachios, and loved every drop; it would have been even more refreshing on a warmer day. Bob's burrata with roasted peaches and tomatoes was generous and flavorful; he borrowed my soup spoon to slurp up the liquid left behind. His short-rib agnoletti with a cacio e pepe fonduta and onion gravy was a more autumnal dish, but another large portion. My cassarecce (sp?) dish with green onion, fresh corn, and speck was sensational (the only flaw being some sloppily trimmed corn). This and the soup were the true stars. For dessert, he opted for the chocolate lavender cake; I had the bombolinis with cherry compote (both expert), but since it was his birthday, they brought a third dessert, a sort of cheesecake with a purple ice cream, white and dark chocolate crumbles,  and mini meringues. We left stuffed, and very impressed with our first--much too late--visit to what is a real gem in the Navy Yard area.

(BTW, our waiter was terrific, but the manager, while friendly, was a bit slobby in his dress and appearance. If you didn't know he was an employee, you might have thought that he was just someone who had walked in off the street and was wandering among the tables. Odd.)

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