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Quiet, Casual Early Dinner Near The Museum of the American Indian


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I desperately need to find a new dinner spot.  Quiet, casual, for an early dinner near the Mall...how can I get access to the guide again?

Make one more post.

How about Boss Shepherd's?  It's gotten good reviews here, and Tom SIetsema seems to love it.  He's usually sensitive to noise issues, and I haven't noticed him commenting on that when he recommends it.

ETA:  This is his review.  It says 73 decibels.  "Must speak with raised voice."

And edit again, because I somehow missed the mention of the Museum.  Different part of the Mall.  What about Masala Art across from the SW/Waterfront metro station?

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Mitsitam Cafe is the obvious choice, but it closes at 5 PM.

Don't forget Garden Cafe and Cascade Cafe at the National Gallery of Art - no culinary treasures here, but you could do much worse.

Sushi Capitol is an excellent suggestion as is Beuchert's Saloon.

How will you be dressed? 701 is "sneaky formal," but you can slink into the bar area there (I would not wear jeans, however).

The bar at Boss Shepherd's would be a fine choice (my September 8th comments about the excellent fried chicken are in that thread).

Just type one more post that says, "Thanks, everyone!", and I'll wave my magic wand and make the Dining Guide appear for you!

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Momoyama at 231 2nd Street NW near the Capitol - tiny, excellent sushi, tempura, etc., and casual.  But in terms of quiet, sometimes they are playing loudish rock music - I think that's usually at lunch not dinner (they're much emptier at dinner, crowded at lunch), but not positive.

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