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dr.com Lunch: Farewell to Pizza CS, POSTPONED


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So Jon and Ankur thought a Sunday afternoon about 3p would be a good time for a DR invasion. Weekday evenings would also work, but I think traffic makes Sunday more likely to gather a food crowd. 

I'm proposing March 29th. Before I go create a topic, can I get a few people to say "sure, I'll go on that date"?

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30 minutes ago, zgast said:

Kids welcome?  Not sure if I'll be in town, but if so, would love to come.

Absolutely. Bringing my kid in every month was how I got him a job there one summer!

I still think they have more of my money in the long run.

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After a little over 8 years, Jon and Ankur are closing Pizza CS to make way for the Wegmans development. They still crank out some of the finest Neopolitan pizzas in the DC area.

Please come help us give them a Rockwellian farewell on Sunday March 29th at 2p.

Since they're so fast with orders, it makes sense for people to just order on their own, and I'm sure there will be a lot of sharing going on. I'll order a few salads and nibbles when I check in to supplement, and of course there will be some donuts and ice cream.

I told them we could get 20-30 people, so don't make me a liar. RSVP here, and I will PM you my phone number for day-of communications.


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2 minutes ago, pjnewman said:

My wife, Nancy, and I are in. We had initially met at a DR event closing Grapeseed in Bethesda. Why do our meetings have to be so bittersweet?

For real? You're not the first couple to have met here - this warms my heart.

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On 3/10/2020 at 3:48 PM, pjnewman said:

For real. We met at the bar of Grapeseed drinking half price bottles of excellent wine. 

I was at their bar on the final evening (I actually can't remember if it was "the" final evening, but it was one of them - I was sitting at the short part of the bar, furthest away from the front door).

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