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Mark Slater on CBS


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CBS News Sunday Morning airs at 9am, and tomorrow's one of their periodic episodes concentrating on food. From the website:

BOTTLENECK: Corks vs. Screw Caps

For more than 400 years, natural cork has closed almost every bottle of wine produced. Not any more. The reason? Some wine experts estimate that as much as 5 percent of wine is "tainted" by the cork due to TCA, a chemical process that can make even the finest wines smell and taste like wet cardboard. As a result, seven years ago, screwcaps came on the market. Today, 95 percent of all New Zealand wines have them, as do half of all wines from Australia. Just 5 percent of U.S. wines do, but the number is growing. Then -- there's the plastic stopper! And just on the scene: a glass cap. Correspondent Bill Plante reports.

Also planned are various pieces on spices, pecans, food art (as in paintings of food), hot dogs, cooking schools, artificial sweeteners, desserts, and their closing nature segment (also known as "cat tv" because it generally features noisy birds which drive my cats mental) on turkeys.

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