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  1. New food pod I like- Burnt Toast. (from Food52) not a high commitment pod- short episodes, non serial. pretty fun- like where did the banana peel slipping gag come from? an interview with Jonathan Gold. bad white house food.
  2. also Reveal! from the Center for Investigative Reporting
  3. I love podcasts. This list will make it look like I don't do anything else, but I just have them on in the background a LOT of the time. My favorites are: NPR extensions/re-broadcasts: Code Switch, Planet Money, Freakonomics Radio, This American Life, Radio Lab, Rough Translation, More Perfect, Food related: The Sporkful, Special Sauce, Serial narrative (non-fiction): Serial (obviously), Crimetown, S Town, Empire on Blood, Making Oprah Political (all from Crooked Media) : Pod Save America, Lovett or Leave it, With Friends like These, Other: Death Sex and Money, Criminal, Backstory, Scene on Radio (their series Seeing White is phenomenal), Suprisingly Awesome, Other: Mixed Race in America, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard,
  4. ALB


    Sounds great. Post a picture the finished product! --- Pães de Queijo - (porcupine)
  5. ALB


    Did you find a good cake base recipe? I have made Roland Meisner's from his Basic to Beautiful Cakes. Someone posted it online here (and it has lemon zest in it!)- http://simply-june.blogspot.com/2010/05/yellow-cake-with-jam-filling.html
  6. If it wasn't a dive, it wouldn't be Quarry House. If they made it nice and trendy I think it would close within a year. I can't wait to go back, hopefully tomorrow.
  7. On a rainy night in Bethesda 2 weeks ago, we popped in for dinner. I was a little worried that it was so empty but the food was really tasty. We got aloo gobi, palak paneer and garlic naan. Nothing crazy, but warm and exactly what we wanted. I would definitely pop in again when in the area. They looked like they had a steady take out business going and the restaurant got a lot more full as the night went on.
  8. ALB

    Mexico City

    I am looking forward to your report. I am planning a trip to Oaxaca this summer. I am thinking of tagging on Mexico City too, if we have enough time. Please let me know how you feel safety wise there as well.
  9. ALB

    Camel's Milk

    The family of one of my students has it shipped in from a farm in Michigan.
  10. ALB

    Trader Joe's, 16 Area Locations

    Thanks for the suggestion! This is great!!
  11. I haven't lived in Bethesda since 2010 but when I did- Mia's was a nice place to meet with friends. The pizzas were pretty good (if not life changing) but it was a calm, pretty place to catch up that didn't feel like a chain or a scene.
  12. ALB

    Malaysia and Singapore

    Thanks!! I was lucky enough to travel through Singapore this summer and I have wanted to make that dish since.
  13. ALB

    Malaysia and Singapore

    Can you share your recipe? I would love to make this!