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  1. Malaysia and Singapore

    Thanks!! I was lucky enough to travel through Singapore this summer and I have wanted to make that dish since.
  2. Malaysia and Singapore

    Can you share your recipe? I would love to make this!
  3. I volunteered in the recreation classes a 2-3 times a month for years when I lived in Bethesda. I learned to be a very competent cook and baker from the wonderful chef instructors there. Many staple recipes for my family come from those classes, and my knife skills and cooking skills are definitely due to them. I don't live in the neighborhood anymore, but I am sure they will be greatly missed.
  4. Sushi in Grocery Stores

    As a far too frequent Wegmans shopper... if someone is behind the sushi counter- they will custom make whatever you want. I sometimes ask for things made just because it is fresher and the rice not ice cold (if it isn't in the cooler below)
  5. They are very nice about it. I always pay something but not $25. I felt guilty until I read an article about the Met that said that admission sales were a very small portion of their income.
  6. Thanks all for the encouragement to buy ice cream for $7.99 a pint. I am on my second pint of brown butter almond brittle. It is so creamy and delicious and I love that the ice cream base is much less sweet than typical. I am justifying that it is still less money than going out for ice cream for a few people? A worthwhile treat.
  7. Baklava

    I like the Big Greek Cafe version (Rockville and Silver Spring)
  8. Mid-Century Modern Furniture

    I adore Peg Leg VIntage in College Park. Lots of MCM. You can friend them on facebook to get an idea of the inventory. If funds were unlimited, my house would be entirely furnished from here. http://peglegvintage.com/
  9. Poke

    I met a lot of Dutch people this summer. They told me that poke has been a trend in the Netherlands for a few years now. (they thought it was japanese.)
  10. Peru

    I do not think Peru would be too difficult to travel in alone, but I went with my sister and for ease and comfort we traveled with gadventures. They do a great job of getting you place to place and arranging hotels. They are a small group company- so I think the average number of travelers is 12 (we had 7.) You cover a lot of ground but it isn't stressful sine you don't have to think about getting place to place. They have various levels of comforts/inclusions from very basic (backpacker level wtih nothing included) to much nicer hotels with more scheduled tours and stops. we went the middle road. https://www.gadventures.com/trips/inca-empire/PIML/ If you are interested in the Amazon, I can not highly enough recommend Amazonia Adventures http://perujungle.com/ It isn't the cheapest place but I felt like I got a huge amount of value from the private guide (every group gets one), great food and really nice rooms. My trip regret was not spending more time in La Paz. It isn't for everyone, it is definitely gritty, but I LOVED it. and the visa isn't cheap, so you might as well stay a while. Day tours used were: Haku tours in Lima for an orientation/history tour and Banjo Tours in La Paz. This is all from 2015. PM me with any questions. I LOVED Peru/Bolivia. I went to Ecuador in 2016 so I can answer specific questions here or through PM.
  11. Cold-Brewed Coffee

    @funkyfood, it does use a lot of coffee!! but still cheaper to use good beans in that, than picking up coffee on the way in to work. but yeah, a lot of coffee... For those who are considering it, I use 14 T for 4-5 days of coffee I think. It makes a concentrate and then you add ice/water/milk as you see fit. It is a lot, but I drink one cup a day. If you drink many cups a day, then this may fail the cost/benefit.
  12. Cold-Brewed Coffee

    yikes, I don't know if I am ready for that one!
  13. Cold-Brewed Coffee

    That would explain the amazing concentration I have when I drink it. seriously.