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Go Burger (was BLT Burger), South Dupont - Not Opening

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As of now, the space allegedly dedicated for BLT Burger is still vacant and no obvious work going on. Anyone know if this is definitely going to happen?

I, for one, am a huge BLT Burger fan. I have enjoyed their food in NYC and Vegas and love their burgers, fries and shakes. The new burger place Rogue States is terrible. BGR is pretty good but service stinks, the shakes are no good, and the sides are so-so. Fuddruckers has good burgers, too, but everything else on their menu is pretty meh.

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BTW, the latest on this is now Fall 2010 and it has been officially renamed Go Burger. They have a logo similar to BLT -- I guess that was part of the split. There is a Go Burger in NYC but it is a food truck/mobile operation. Gets pretty good reviews but has a limited menu. Hopefully the Dupont Go Burger will have a more BLT-like menu in terms of breadth of burgers, sides, and shakes. We'll see. And hopefully it will be as good as BLT Burger -- or at least better than Rogue States (meh), BGR (does some things right but overall meh), and Five Guys. Sadly Fuddruckers closed (good for Go Burger though).

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