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Young, Hot & Cooking, Tuesday June 21st

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This is an opportunity for donrockwell.com to make a statement by showing how much it can help raise for this worthy charity. I've already signed up, the paypal payment goes straight to DC Central Kitchen. It's on a Tuesday evening and the City Museum is the old Mellon Library over by the new convention center.

We should try to find a way to keep track of how many people going to the event heard about it through this thread. This is a great way to meet some of the best chefs in town, sample some of their innovative offerings, make a donation to a charity (tax deductible) and for some of the lurkers to come in out of the cold.

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What time is everyone planning on getting there?

It starts at 6, right? I am tempted to stop somewhere for a drink beforehand. Anyone else?

Heather -- Your pans will be in my car.  :lol:

Excellent - although it means I will have to drive there. What's parking like?

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It starts at 6, right?  I am tempted to stop somewhere for a drink beforehand.  Anyone else?

Excellent - although it means I will have to drive there.  What's parking like?

It does start at 6pm. It is only 4 blocks from Corduroy, where street parking is not a problem, so a glass of wine there might be a good start.

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My children have been shrieking all day and a bird got caught in my house and we had to rescue it from the cat.  :lol:   I'll be at Corduroy a little earlier than 5:30 to make sure that I get two glasses of wine.

Calgon, take me away! ;)

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Had a nice time at the Young, Hot & Cooking event tonight. Couldn't make it to Corduroy beforehand so I didn’t get a chance to meet the others who post on here. Here is a run down of what each chef prepared tonight:

1) Fabio Trabocchi (Maestro) -- Signature lychee panna cotta with homemade basil grappa.

2) Cathal Armstrong (Restaurant Eve) -- Manilla clams with Chinese sausage and spring garlic.

3) Eric Ziebold (CityZen) -- Boudin blanc of Path Valley Farms rabbit with morel mushrooms and English peas.

4) Johnny Monis (Komi) -- Spit-roasted kid goat moussaka.

5) Christina Kiewek (Oyamel) -- Stuffed squash blossoms with goat cheese and epazote with a Vera Cruz sauce.

My favorite dish of the night was Chef Monis' roast kid goat moussaka. According to him.... the dish requires a lot of care, patience and attention. The meat is roasted for four to five hours and is perfumed with smoke. I also enjoyed the Boudin Blanc from Eric Ziebold.

Overall it was a very enjoyable evening and it benefited a good cause.

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Between stops at Corduroy, a group of us went over to the event and had a pretty good time. This was an excellent event for a great cause, that I wish more people would have attended. I think they need to advertise it better next time. Anyway, there were tables setup around the main room of the museum and the crowd just mingled and ate their way around, making several stops at various locations.

As you can see by Alan's post the dishes were varied and interesting.

I agree with Alan and the dish from Komi was the hit of the night for me, followed closely by the panna cotta. I asked Fabio how does an Italian chef make lychee panna cotta? His reply, "From a recent trip to Thailand."

They were pouring some good beers, Chimay, Abita Amber, Young's Double Chocolate Stout, and a couple of others I do not remember.

Here are some pics. I did not get a picture of everyone as some crews were cleaning up by the time I was ready to take pictures.

Chef Armstrong and Todd Thrasher dishing out the clams.


The Eve crew again.


The goat!


Sebastian doing his thing.


Chef Monis plating.







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A fun time was had by all. Good food, good company and a good cause. Their next event is a Chef Challenge in October, emceed by Roberto Donna and Jose Andres.

We started and ended the evening at Corduroy, spring rolls before and (for me) beet salad and scallops after. :lol:

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