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STK, A New York-Based, "Female-Friendly" Steakhouse In The Former Casa Nonna Space - Closed on Dec 17, 2016

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I ended up having lunch at STK on Friday.  My boss heard about it from someone (young sales rep) and wanted to go.  We looked so out of place (I'm early 40s and boss is in his 70s) but there weren't that many people to see it.  At 12:30, there were about 5 tables there.  The decor is definitely lounge and bar, not so much business lunch. Loud early to mid 2000s pop music was blasting. I don't even know why they are open during the day.

The server started out with the "bottled or just tap" water question then tried to push wine.  I had an iced tea.  The first glass was fine but when the pitcher ran out, they came back with some cloudy old iced tea. The server tried to tell me that it was because they steeped it too long.  Right.

Rolls came out in a small cast iron pan but it was cold and dry.  Chive-garlic dip was tasty and would have been good with non-stale bread.

Our sandwiches took a while to come out.  I had roast pork with Edwards ham sandwich and a side salad.  The salad greens were fresh and crunchy with nice contrasting peppers and radishes.  The sandwich was really salty and the roll was completely soaked and greasy.

My boss orderd a seared tuna BLT.  It looked pretty good but was way too thick for a normal person to bite into.  The slab of tuna was not sliced and difficult to cut up with a table knife.  At least the shoestring fries were crispy.

Dessert was the best part of the meal.  I ordered the mascarpone cheesecake.  It came with finely diced berries mixed with a little balsamic vinegar.  Nice sweet sour combo.  The cheesecake itself was very creamy but light in texture and not too sweet.  (It was almost as good as the chevre cheesecake Huw Griffiths used to make at Tabard Inn.)

I would not have chosen to go there.  I definitely will not be back on my own dime.

Tom Sietsema's First Bite from May 20th.

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