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Father's Day Brunch


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I just called David Greggory to make a reservation for Father's Day. Imagine my surprise.

Woman answering the phone: "We're only open on Sundays for special occasions."

Me: "Err, it's Father's Day. Special occasion, yes?"

Woman: "Let me put you on hold for a sec."

Long story, short. No special brunch at DG for Father's Day. That's a shame because my father liked their Mother's Day brunch so much he wanted to return. Dear old Dad doesn't make many requests. :lol:

Now what? I'm going to see if Tabard Inn has availability, but would appreciate any other suggestions.

Key points:

* Georgetown or near-in Arlington options are great geographically because we'll be joined by friends of my parents who are coming in from Fairfax.

* Must take reservations.

* We're not opposed to buffets, per se, but we'd prefer to avoid a very pricey one (e.g., $75 per person).

* Seeking traditional brunch-style foods (e.g., eggs, waffles, fruit). Nothing too far from traditional or ethnic.

* We've already been to Ardeo recently for brunch.

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I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. :lol:

Ritz in PC sounds very nice, but is pretty pricey. $78 per person. The couple we've meeting up with has had some financial difficulties of late so...

Well, the brunch I will be cooking Chez JPW fills all of these points except for location.

Sorry, JLK.

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There's been some praise of the brunch at Cafe Atlantico on DR recently.  I haven't done it myself, but am thinking about it.

Go! This is certainly a great, and different, place to enjoy brunch.

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I'm sure it's great, but it would not work for my very traditional group. I had a great dinner at Cafe Atlantico and look forward to the brunch experience at some point...but not with Mom and Dad.

There's been some praise of the brunch at Cafe Atlantico on DR recently.  I haven't done it myself, but am thinking about it.

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FWIW, I know several people who own restaurants, and the commonly shared belief is that Dad doesn't want to go out for Father's Day. No, he is expected to don apron and toque and Man the Grill. (Most would rather Man the Girl, I suspect, but you'll have to take that up with them.)

Mom, on the other hand, is taken to brunch to get her out of the kitchen for a change.

Things change slowly, don't they?

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Jacques, that's just mean.  Cheesecake Factory??? :lol:

But I had already booked Majestic so we're all set.

I didn't say that I thought the Cheesey Cake Factory was a good idea, I said it was one of the only other one's I had. In fact, I expressly said that I thought I might get in trouble for even mentioning it; it seems I was right.

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Brunch at Majestic Cafe was really good today. Our party of six sampled a good deal of the menu:

* Whole-wheat waffles with a side of country ham

* Sausage gravy with biscuits (my dish; I was clearly the glutton of the group and I enjoyed every last bite)

* Broccoli fritatta

* Cheeseburger

* Fresh fruit (strawberries and bananas today)

* Salmon cakes with a salad of zucchini and avocado (Mom's dish; she loved it and didn't share her avocado with me :lol: )

I have to say, Majestic Cafe makes GREAT coffee, both regular and decaf.

[My father and I are a little particular about coffee to the extent that there's a nice breakfast spot in my hometown that he and I now refuse to go to because the coffee is consistently watery. We no longer care that the french toast is good because the coffee is undrinkable.]

I also liked the Majestic lemonade. This is my second brunch at the restaurant, but have never tried it for dinner. Definitely worth a try.

For the ladies of dr.com, the boutique two doors down, A La Leila, is presently having a 40% off sale.

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