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The French Hound, French Bistro in the Former Aster Space in Middleburg - Closed

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bioesq said:
My folks live in Middleburg, and usually elect to eat lunch at the Hunter’s Head (part of Sandy Lerner’s Ayrshire Farm complex), or the Blackthorne Inn, formerly the 1763. Both are a few miles west in Upperville. They have enjoyed a few meals at the French Hound on South Madison, but you’ll likely need a reservation there. For the wasteland that is Middleburg dining after the Aster closed, it’s the only place that I can recommend without feeling guilty about your afternoon.

The French Hound serves lunch on Saturday. It's a great little spot.


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Back Street Cafe is a decent casual lunch option. They have quality soups, sandwiches and the like. Robert Duvall and Bo Derek are regulars there (or at least were years ago when I spent more time in Middleburg.) Has anyone been to Aster for dinner?

I guess you missed the news. Aster is no longer - French Hound has taken its place.

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