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Fever Tree Mixers

Joe Riley

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This is incredibly good news for cocktail fanciers. Folks have posted here before about the virtues of Fever Tree tonic water, and supposedly Whole Foods carries them or was supposed to carry them, but they are now available, at least in D.C. and Maryland.

Fever Tree

The scary thing is, I was quite literally JUST talking about these things with some folks at Bourbon last night. :blink:

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Ace Beverage sells it, as does Wegman’s, and I have heard a rumor that Whole Foods has it as well. It is worth buying, as are their other products (ginger ale, bitter lemon, and seltzer water).

When I went in there today, MacArthur Beverages had Fever Tree Bitter Lemon, but not the tonic. I've been getting it at Ace, from Joe Riley.

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I've bought the tonic water, the bitter lemon, and the ginger ale from Ace. I'd definitely recommend the first two, though it does depend on what gin you're drinking with them as to which I prefer.

The ginger ale is good, but I have to admit - I tend to prefer spicier ginger beers for the most part. I've got so much ginger ale/beer in my fridge that I probably wouldn't buy any again for a while...

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I had Fever Tree Tonic and Q Tonic and I preferred Q Tonic. Both were very good though. I am not a huge Gin drinker (more a dark spirits dude), but a friend and I were able to polish off a bottle of Plymouth Gin and several bottles of Q Tonic over a poker game (btw, when you drink alot, you have no poker "tell"...no real sense of hand probability either tho).

Based on some other posts, I'd love to try the Fever Tree Ginger Ale!!! Can I get it at Whole Foods? I have never seen it there.

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Fever Tree brand is some good stuff and also carried at Mom's Organic Market. 

If you saw the inside of my refrigerator right now, right this second, you would laugh.

There is one bottle of San Pellegrino, and one little bottle of Fever Tree tonic water.

*Maybe* some half-and-half, and the remnants of some Kerrygold butter, and ... that's it.

Note to self: insert a bottle of decent Champagne at some point.

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