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  1. We drove by and went to Nordstrom Cafe since we had some Christmas shopping at Tysons 1. My wife wasn't interested in trying it out today but asked if there was chatter on DR. May have to give it a go for breakfast later in the week.
  2. bdoughnut.com Portuguese style malasadas & doughnuts by Brian and Pin Chanthapanya at the Mosaic in Merrifield. I stopped by for the first time and enjoyed a quick treat with crab dip bagel doughnut and chocolate creme malasadas. Very tasty!
  3. Thailand

    I've been curious about this place since seeing the Netflix show on Chef Anand. The way he talks about Indian cuisine and the issues involved with modernizing it and refining it to bring it to a higher level seems to be a perennial obstacle as more places try to create a bridge to the haute cuisine level of dining. Great writeup and nice photographs.
  4. Japan

    Nice writeup and beautiful photographs!
  5. Prices due seem to be high but my wife has reduced her gluten consumption and apparently they have some gluten free options. Rise Bakery is another such bakery and these prices seem comparable to theirs. Thanks for the review funkyfood!
  6. Mrs. Lion already texted me this morning about trying it out and we'll try and get to it in the next couple of weeks. Anyone's advance reviews would be appreciated!
  7. Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    Having this two week break between free periods at Thanksgiving and Christmas...it just seems so petty for consumers, and for retailers brazenly antagonistic to their sales. I just don’t see what Boston Properties end game *is*. Every new metro stop along the Silver Line will have a new shopping area. Already development along the greenway at the new stops is going on like gang busters.
  8. Japan

    Skip the food tour as many places nearby where you are staying and whatever attraction you are visiting will have fairly decent and good quality restaurants. Most people are correctly saying that if you do some basic research in the neighborhoods, a plethora of memorable meals can be had. A recent discovery for me, tabelog.com, is an incredibly powerful resource, but since I haven't read this thread in it's entirety in a while someone else may have mentioned already. Non Japanese friends who live in Tokyo and a visiting back home Japanese friend recommend it for good reviews and current availability. Additionally you can search by neighborhood which is incredible to me as I use to cross check, 3-4 travel books on my original visits to Japan. You can also search by cuisine which should help to choose where to go. Recently a friend recommended Harutaka since one of Giro's apprentices is the chef, it is in neighborhood of $300 per person. Another popular one with chefs is Sushi Sho. Something to consider with the Japanese cuisines, sometime the lunch meal will be as incredible as dinner but at 1/3 of the cost and getting box meals in department stores. I would suggest getting a Tokyo Subway card for three days and if you are using a JR rail pass that should cover majority of your travel cost in the Tokyo area unless you are using a private rail way line. It's pretty easy to get around Tokyo easier than DC or NYC since the rail systems are models of efficiency and since all signs are in English. Plan visiting 2-3 attractions a day as Tokyo is a quite a large city and you can have a lot of fun and be overwhelmed by just walking around the neighborhoods. Recently, on the way to NYC, I stopped with my wife and son at Mitsuwa Market Place in Edgewater, NJ. For my wife it was the first experience in a Japanese market area. We just walked into the nearby Kinokuniya and in just ten minutes bought over $100 of stuff! She easily could have spent a couple of hours there. I told her that Tokyo Hands in Shinjuku has entire floors devoted to pens and stationary. My point is that visit some of both of yours favorite kinds of things places in Japan. The Japanese people have such an interesting view on things that it may help to personalize the trip and make it more unique than just visiting the normal attractions such as temples, etc...but you can't go wrong, there is a lot to do and see.
  9. Cincinnati, OH

    Try and make it to Jungle Jim's once a year during the trips to see the wife's family. Whole heartedly recommend checking out the hot sauce area. I've never seen more variety any place in the country.
  10. Sushi in Grocery Stores

    Interesting. Amazon driven Whole Foods is making some changes. Still haven't had better grocery store sushi than Balducci's in Mclean.
  11. Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    It was quite packed today with a convention being held in the hotel, the Apple iPhone line and some fall event for local businesses. Still I'm not surprised by tenants leaving, there are multiple commercial properties that can host businesses with as high traffic with a reasonable distance. I think they are also screwed Tysons by not building out walking areas and having Rte 7 be underground. If there had done that younger generations would have been more attracted to that geographic area for lifestyle reasons. As is, Tysons at night time has become a dystopian prototype.
  12. Did you get one? Or has anyone tried out these birds? Thinking of trying it out for Thanksgiving this year since we will be home and not at the in laws as usual.
  13. Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    Bike Lane was planning to leave as soon as the parking issues started. They are the best biking shop in the area so hopefully they won't have much down time especially since so much new business space is becoming available in the Reston area. We have been visiting more regularly to the RTC but usually on the weekends when parking is free. Traffic does seem to have picked up but still noticeably less than before the parking fiasco.
  14. I think it was a Silver Spring community event. People from all kinds of backgrounds, ages, etc...would get in line and wait. Actually it was a lot of fun in a good natured way. Oriental East never was the best Chinese or Dim Sum restaurant but it was during our time in the city very enjoyable. Hopefully Parkway Deli isn't going anywhere!