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  1. India

    Most hotel restaurants on the upper end will run at last $100 US for dinner. Avoid wines as they are usually overpriced and the quality is lower and mixed drinks are perfectly fine. Certain kind of cuisines like Japanese for existence I would not bother but something like Thai would definitely seek out. There are plenty of American chain fast food places within walking distance of the Imperial if you don't want to risk getting sick such as Pizza Hut, KFC, and McDonalds which I would definitely try out just for the experience of eating a chicken Maharaja Mac. There are plenty of hotels nearby which may be slightly cheaper in terms of the meal but Connaught Place is a major tourist area so a lot of places should be ok, a bigger issue will be traffic. Most likely you won't want to go to far as traveling will be a hassle. I've heard good things about Indian Accent but again keep in mind even a 5km trip and take a lot of time especially during rush hour. Have not flown Air India in over two decades! Of course the direct flight from IAD to DEL is the shortest trip around 14-15 hours, however the service has been lacking. A lot of Indians I know like Emirates for the layover in Dubai and the service. Personally, I haven't tried them out yet and have liked KLM or ANA. United is always a mixed bag, better than domestic travel but less amenities than other foreign airlines. Let us know where you go and how the trip goes! (*Tweaked's recent review is pretty good. Didn't read it again before writing this one.*)
  2. Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    Remarkable they are going to give it another go. I use to frequent the Reston location years ago, this was before there was a Whole Foods locally as well, and at it's best the store usually felt a little bit busy. The location set empty for many years until it became a PetSmart! The new location will be on the 'dead side' of the RTC which use to house FedEx and before that a Ruby Tuesdays, I believe. Next there is a Lotte going into the Herndon Centre as well as a Sprouts grocery store. All will be in the same plaza as Mom's Organic Market. Finally a Total Wine also inside the Plaza America center with Whole Foods.
  3. Tom Sietsema's Online Chat

    Rasika is overrated and I prefer Indigo by far in DC. Looking forward to trying Simul's silent partner involved new Indian restaurant, so that might change.
  4. Tom Sietsema's Online Chat

    Clearly you are not aware of the real power brokers in DC. Watch out for the Beltway Bambinos, too!
  5. Tom Sietsema's Online Chat

    Wow, Tom was getting hammered in that thread but he handled the anonymus comments well.
  6. Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

    Ah man, unfortunately have a friend visiting from out of town at the moment so can't make it. Thanks for the info!
  7. I cut back on my beef intake a while back but really enjoy their pork chops. Super easy to put them in a brine for 3-4 hours, pre-heat a skillet in the oven, and cook them on the stove and oven. During the summer time, I've pickup the pork tenderloin many times for the grill, they have a couple of in-house marinades that are pretty tasty. We've had their chicken and seafood as staples for a majority of our purchases. It is a good idea to ask sometimes as some products have difficult levels of being organic, etc...but again my favorite are their pork chops which are cut steak size. Perfect!
  8. Bad move, Chef Andres should never have been treated in this manner and of course no one should. The Daily Beast reports that Chef Andres was already inside the event and was taken outside and asked to leave.
  9. Just started reading my Christmas present cookbook, Salt Fat Acid Heat written by Samin Nosrat and illustrated by Wendy McNaughton. It is quite different from other cookbooks that I've read as Samin strives to create broad foundation , her context for viewing cooking instead of going from a recipe point of view. Really enjoying it so far.
  10. I've made this one, too and it is addictive how sweet it tastes. My wife gave me an eye roll when I made it a weeks in a row.
  11. Washingtonian "Best Restaurants" Issue

    Interesting list to be sure as some of the flag bears for DC are not there as others above have pointed out. Seeing Field and Main makes me think that the list is spread around geographically as well.
  12. Can't believe it's only been five years since I've been going there! I would have guess ten years if the proof wasn't earlier in this thread. We go there almost weekly.
  13. Havn't been recently but still think it's quite good. Asian Origin and HKP have been more in our rotation the past year.
  14. Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    There simply isn't the infrastructure, roads being the main reason, for all of the new condos and office buildings going up in Reston.