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  1. Hello Lizzie.........just saw this........ Without a restaurant I am obviously getting a little bored. I was curious to learn if this couple is still looking for a part time personal chef....? Let me know if you think I could help Regards Enzo
  2. Congratz!!!! Please be aware this is not an ordinary cook book filled with glossy pictures meant to adorn your coffee table. Enjoy this unusual read and I am sure you will relate to things you have heard or food you have ate over the years here in DC Enzo
  3. Here it is.....The magic number is 24 I am sure the lucky winner will enjoy the book. Get ready to laugh out loud and to ponder while remembering great chefs that have given so much to our wonderful Washington over the past 30 years. One of my favorite chapters is the one about food critics: Chapter 13 Criticism, Opinions and Judgments: The Heavy Hand of the Press where I was able to interview a few food critics and to really understand how they rate restaurants, why they write what they write, how etc etc etc.........quite surprising, as well as Tails of Culinary Road Trips where some o
  4. Theakston I am very sorry to hear that. This is indeed news, bad news to me and I am indeed very sorry. I can assure you that, if what happened to you is correct it must have been a simple merchant problem and is very possible (I hope) something we can still fix Please contact me here in private message and give me the opportunity to look into it and correct the problem if we still can I have no idea what has happend, but my guess is it was a technical problem with the merchant company. However and whatever this is I would like to know and learn about it as I have worked very hard 30 yea
  5. After more then 2 years we decided to call it quits! Elisir and Osteria Elisir have made many people happy and will continue to live in the hearts of those who had supported us and appreciated us Thank you to all of you Washingtonians. Our restaurant is now officially closed for good. I'll see you soon......... Enzo Fargione
  6. Following the great article on the Washington Post by Tim Carman about Cured Guanciale http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/food/guanciale-made-at-home-a-cure-for-the-winter-blues/2013/09/30/ef500768-2244-11e3-b73c-aab60bf735d0_story.html Osteria Elisir will offer FREE tastings of Cavatelli with Lamb Ragu` all week for Lunch or Dinner complimentary with your reservation upon request by mentioning the article from Wednesday October 2nd 2013 http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/going-out-guide/wp/2013/10/01/guanciale-extra-osteria-elisir-to-offer-free-tastings-of-lamb-ragu/ Now......who
  7. OSTERIA ELISIR is looking for a Chef de cuisine to run the kitchen in the most professional, quality oriented and dedicated way. Please send resumes and qualifications at contact@elisirrestaurant.com
  8. Definitely NOT Fast cash, booze and fast women appears to be the predominant concept for this place It is unfortunate as when the owners pitched me the idea for it, some 4 years ago it was all about good authentic Italian food. That is what got me very excited at the time Do they even cook food there now? I set foot in Cities once only and walked out after 6 minutes wait to be seated It's too bad as it is a nice space in a great location
  9. Sad to announce we had a few cancellations for this weekend! For those who still have no plans and would like to spend a couple of hours with us at Osteria Elisir make your reservation now for Friday and Saturday OOOPPPPPSSSS!! almost forgot : we are also open on Sunday for dinner this year!! 202 546 0088
  10. Check out the link.... Want to know the secrets of the culinary trips with fellows celebrity chefs? Want to know how food critics really grade a restaurant and how Washington has changed gastronomically from the past 25 years? About all of those who are interested in opening a restaurant : do you really know what it takes to do it? what happens behind the curtains? The sacrifices people go through in order to make a living? And what about all the practical jokes played on co workers, customers and bosses? The sex, the fights, the alcohol abuse, the drugs and the theft that make the restaura
  11. OUR RESTAURANT WEEK MENUS Make your reservations while seats are still available!! August 19 to 25 LUNCH and DINNER http://elisirrestaurant.com/menus/
  12. Dcandohio, Thanks for your post and for the nice words Glad you enjoyed the food and concept The happy hour bar menu was designed for those who either want to taste a variety of different foods at modest prices or for those who like to jump- start their appetites right before dinner Obviously, there is so much to chose from the bar menu to tantalize almost everyone. Pastas tend to be the comfort food of choice: they're abundant, filling and they come in various forms with different sauces while taking advantage of the season In your case the Linguine with soft shell crabs. Soft she
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