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Lamb Neck

Pool Boy

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I have a great recipe I want to try that requires lamb neck that has been deboned. This is supposed to be a tremendously flavorful cut of meat that I will then stuff with sausage and other goodies to cook low and slow. While it is true I can do the recipe with close results with lamb shoulder, I really want to find some lamb neck.

Any thoughts on places that might be able to get me what I need? The regular grocery options and some butcher places just don't or won't get it for me.

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Have you checked with Pam the Butcher at Wagshal's?

One word of caution if you go to Wagshal's: if they don't/can't give you what you want, be sure to ask to speak with Pam.  I can't tell you how many times one of the staff has told me "we don't have that" or "we don't carry that" or "we sent it all to the deli" or "it won't be in until tomorrow", and then Pam stepped in and saved the day.  She's not just the head butcher but also the manager.

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Lebanese Butcher and Halalco, both in Falls Church, break down whole animals on-site, so they are also a possibility.

They do offer this it turns out. It was a little iffy by phone, but did talk to the butcher Alex. Was planning on trying this, but it wasn't certain he'd have it for sure this weekend....

It might not be convenient from where you live, but Let's Meat on the Avenue in Del Ray sells lamb neck slices and does special orders, so it might be possible to order the lamb neck you want from the butcher.

So, plan B was to check here and Halalco. Talked to Matt and he's hooking my up and setting aside my order for pickup this weekend!

I love this site. I am SO SO SO looking forward to trying this recipe finally.

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OK so here are the results and running commentary--

Prep Work almost done


A view of the deboned, butterflied neck (thanks to Matt at Let's Meat!)


With the stuffing ready to be wrapped


All tied up


Browning in the roasting pan (Honestly, I think a dutch oven would have been better, but I was going as per recipe instructions as I usually do on the first go)




The prep work was fairly simple. Hell the work in the recipe is easy, it is just time consuming. While the basting and rotating the bundle of joy once it goes in the oven is a pain, it is not hard at all. You just can't go off and sit on your ass for an hour because every 15 minutes (far more often in the beginning), you are flipping and basting the meat and so on. The sauce, made up largely of an entire bottle of wine, was really great (after reducing).

And while I loved the quality of the meat and the deboning work Let's Meat did for me, I was unable to use all of the stuffing since the lamb neck was half the length called for in the recipe. And hey, I am not complaining - I still have bones!

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