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Rain Restaurant, Lounge, Nightclub - Washed Away.

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So......this is what I decided to get myself into. We are opening a singular space in Fairfax that will provide the DC experience that the city deserves. a) Serious restaurant in an area that desperately needs it c) Nightclub brought to you by the people that make Love/Dream what it is and c) a Bar/Lounge that is singular for its service and quality. I fully believe that this is the right idea at the right time for both Fairfax and the surrounding area. As for the restaurant, I can report that I think it will be a inviting space while being both beautiful and very elegant. The food.....I will be doing a menu that is largely Nuevo Latino utilizing elements of French, American and Asian cuisines. The prices will range between 5-9 for apps 9-11 for cevieches and 16-23 for entrees. There will be a seperate Bar/Late night menu that will provide a totally different more relaxed expereince in the Bar. I'm looking forward to welcoming DR members for our soft opening which we hope to target for the 1st week of December. If you live in the area and would like to be part of our soft opening dinners please pm me and I'll make sure it happens. I definately look forward to getting feedback from DR members as I find this crowd to be some of the most knowledgable eaters in the area :)

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So the time is near, opening will be delayed possible till the 15th or so, having the usual problems with equipment etc etc etc. At any rate I though I'd post the dinner menu so's you guys could stay interested and debate its various merits or demerits :P

Dinner at Rain

1st Courses

Sopa de Mani

Bolivian peanut soup with ancho chile dusted popcorn and cilantro


Sopa de Calabasa

Butternut Squash soup with salted pepitas, foie gras and maple crema


Grilled Squid

With sherry vinegar, arugula, red onion and cherry tomatoes


Ensalade de Remoulaches

Roasted beets with queso fresco, citron vinaigrette, walnuts and watercress


Cesar Salad

Romaine Lettuce with Lemon Mustard Vinaigrette, white anchovies,

manchego crisps and capers


Tamale de Elote

Corn tamale with mole rojo, queso oxanaca and shredded duck


Pomegranate Glazed Quail

With quail sausage stuffed potato croquette and black beans


Gambas al Ajillo

Shrimp with garlic, parsley, red chile, tomato and Spanish olive oil


Duet of Empanadas

Chicken and Mushroom Empanadas with salsa verde, fried plantains and pickled egg


Crab Cake

Lump Crab Cake with avocado, roasted corn, piquillo peppers


Clams Chorizo

Clams with chorizo, potatoes, peppers and cilantro




Tuna Tiradito with yuzu, grapes, radishes, almonds and sea urchin emulsion

Bay Scallop cevieche with coconut milk, oranges and serrano peppers

Red Snapper cevieche with lime, cilantro, red onion and avocado

Dinner at Rain


Red Snapper

With coconut milk broth, shrimp chile relleno and yucca “risotto”


Camarones Adobo

Marinated, grilled shrimp with corn tamale, mojo sauce and okra


Sopa de Mariscos

Seafood stew with potatoes, clams, shrimp, corn, crab, fish and tomatoes


Tuna Veracruz

Rare seared tuna with tomatoes, olives and rice


Bistec Chimichurri

Grilled spice rubbed ribeye with chimichurri sauce, fried yucca and charra beans


Jerk Roasted Pork Loin

With black lentil quinoa , chicharron papusas, cabbage slaw and mole


Mojo Braised Lamb Shank

With boniato mash, Rioja sauce and green beans


Lomo Saltado

Grilled beef tenderloin medallions with tomatoes, peppers, herbs, potatoes and lime


Goat Cheese Rellenos

With black beans, yellow rice, salsa mexicano and fried plantains


Tortilla Crusted Chicken Breast

With roasted garlic, smoked corn coulis, oven dried cumin tomatoes and yellow rice


Aji de Pato

Seared duck breast with roasted potatoes, poached duck egg and aji chile sauce


Lunch follows a more American classic lunch format due to the many, many, many folks desiring such things.....Brunch on saturday and sunday with the menus to follow if intrest prompts me to post them :D

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New Years Eve at Rain

Lobster Ceviche

Lobster marinated with passionfruit oil, ginger granite and jicama

Grilled Calamari Escabeche

Marinated Calamari with arugala, chile pickled vegetables and avocado

Ensalada de Remolachas

Roasted beet terrine with queso fresco, walnuts and sour orange

Cesar Salad

Romaine with white anchovies, lemon garlic dressing, capers and manchego

Tiradito Atun

Tuna tiradito with green grapes, radish, almonds and soy-sea urchin foam

Callos con Caviar

Seared Sea Scallops with bruleed winter melon, servuga caviar and pumpkin seeds

Higalo de Pato

Seared duck liver with figs, candied olives and cinnamon oil

Langosta al Agua de Flora

Rosewater poached lobster with roasted mushroom carpaccio, almonds and vanill


Pomegranite lacquered quail with quail sausage stuffed potato croquettes

Cordero al Vinagre con Salchica

Balsamic Vinegar glazed Lamb Loin with spicy lamb sausage and goat cheese

Lomo Saltado

Seared Beef Tenderloin with peppers, potatoes, herbs and lime veal jus

Chile Relleno

Three Cheese stuffed Anaheim Chiles with roasted corn-avocado arepas

Mar y Tierra

Seranno dusted Sea Scallops with veal cheeks and piquillo peppers

Salmon y Ostras

Crisp Spring roll of Smoked Salmon with oysters, spinach and fennel

Aji de Pato

Roasted duck breast with poached duck egg, potato cake and aji chile sauc.

Empanada de Hongos

Mushroom and Cabrales Blue Cheese Empanadas with pickled egg and salsa verde

Desserts to follow

3 courses: 55

4 courses: 70

5 courses: 80

Basically, I think that we will do a tasting menu format and allow you to choose how many courses, what order etc, etc. I think it'll work out better. Wine pairings will be available. Very free form and allow for flexibility.

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Not sure what the original plan was for this place, but I sure can tell you what the new plan is for this place...marginal food at astronomical prices so that college aged kids can think they are somewhat cultured before getting drunk and dancing to extremely loud music.

I went here two Saturdays ago with three friends. We are all 30, so not their target audience for the "club" side of Rain, but definitely in their target audience for the "restaurant" side of Rain.

Anyway, the "restaurant" side was 100% empty when we arrived at 8:00 PM, but we sat down anyway (I always feel very awkward in this situation). The decor is in flux, it seems like they are trying to do some nice things in there, but they ran out of money. The carpet was disgusting, but the decorations were nice enough and chairs comfortable and all that jazz. The service was lacking, but they just opened, so I understand that. And, at the very least, you could tell that our waiter was trying hard to be helpful. The food, the most important thing in my mind, sounded significantly better than it was. Here is a list of what we had and comments on each item...

Roasted Beet Salad with Winter Greens, Indian River Grapefruit and Goat Cheese Crostini ($8)

I would be shocked if these beets were roasted, they tasted like they were pickled and out of a can, but that wasn't the worst part of eating them. They cut them very thinly and put them on the bottom of the salad, so they were litterly stuck to the bottom of the plate (some sort of suction thing was going on). And, since they were so thin, you couldn't pick them up with your fork no matter how much you tried, so you literally had to use your fingers to separate them from the plate. So, it was a pain to eat, but the flavors were OK, if you can look past the fact that the beets were NOT roasted.

Chicken and Foie Gras Mousse Stuffed Quail with Quinoa, Red Currants, Pinenuts and Marjoram Quail Jus ($9)

Easily the star of the evening. It was not amazing, but very solid when you think about the portion that you got and the price. Flavors were good and the portion was great for an appetizer.

Butternut Squash Risotto with Wild Mushrooms, Diced Butternut Squash, Pistachios, Pumpkin Puree and Smoked Gruyere ($18)

Too many flavors, I was confused with what was going on. Do you need butternut squash and pumpkin and mushrooms and gruyere? They tried to hard with this one and it was simply awful. I mean, it was really bad.

Penne Pasta Tossed with Wild Mushrooms, Tomato Confit, Spinach in a Spicy Bechamel Sauce and Aged Parmesan ($17)

I felt bad for the penne, it was drowing in water. Big pet peeve of mine (is it really that hard to drain your pasta!?) and it made the dish much worse than it should have been. I think that the flavors were pretty good, but they were obviously diluted.

Sauteed Jumbo Scallops with a Ragout of Tomatoes, Basil and a Kalamata Olive Timbale ($25)

The scallops were good, but three scallops for $25 was not worth it. Actually, I liked this dish as well, just not a good value.

Some Sort of Cheesecake Burrito with Bananas ($8 or $9)

They do not have desserts on the website, so the description of this dish is lacking, sorry about that. Anyway, you got a HUGE dessert for the money, but it did not work. I give them an A for creativity, but a D for execution.

We saw the wine list (just printed on a piece of paper at this point), but skipped it for other drinks. It looked good, good selection and the prices were reasonable, hopefully it remains that way when it becomes more permanent.

Anyway, as the night went on, the "restaurant" side was pretty much full, lots of youngsters coming in to grab a bite before hitting the dance floor. Around 10:00 PM, the music was so loud in the restaurant that it was unbearable, so if you are coming to eat and don't like it loud, I would come on the earlier side.

Overall, the food was so so. I think that it can get better over time and become an above average place for downtown Fairfax, but since almost all of their business seemed to stem from the "club" side of Rain, it is still up in the air whether the "restaurant" side will get the attention it needs.

By the way, we actually went over to the "club" side for a while and promptly left in about 30 minutes. I still go out a lot, a place like Fly Lounge is where you would find me at night, but I felt like an old man here. The music was obnoxiously loud, there were 3 guys for every 1 girl and it was so packed that you couldn't move. The drinks were cheap though, $6 for a Grey Goose on the rocks with olives, so I can't complain about that.

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Its been empty for awhile, I rode by today on my morning bike ride and there was a sign on the door saying the owners of the property have reclaimed it, mail shoved in the front door. For the nosey ones, mostly junk mail, but I did see some mail from cox. they look pissed...

I have lived within walking distance to rain for the past 2 years while in college and it was always crowded, no one ever seemed to have a good time in there. Auld Shebeen has a dance floor and two bars and seems to be the place to go for dancing, buffalo wing university for fight nights, and TT reynolds/old firehouse for some live music with your 11 coors lights and shot of 'crat (not that i would know about either :lol: )

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