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Leon, a British, Fast-Casual Chain Emphasizing Healthy Cuisine - Farragut North

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50 minutes ago, Tweaked said:

Leon had their construction entrance open today, looked like plenty of equipment had been delivered and installed.  I would guess they will be opening fairly soon.

I have this sneaky feeling that we work quite near each other...

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Looks very intriguing, especially some of the "hot boxes." [Insert jokes here]. If they do well at Farragut, maybe they will venture over here to Metro Center.

And yeah, that Taqueria Local looks like a big flopperoo. A ton of Yelp reviews already, some with extremely unappetizing pictures.

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2 hours ago, NolaCaine said:

has anybody been? I thought about it today...but couldn't get excited about the menu.

I used to eat there occasionally in the UK. You are right not to get too excited, but if you are nearby and hungry it is not a bad choice. I would put it at around Pret-a-Manger levels on the Brit-owned-quick-lunch-option Satisfactionometer.

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