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Roy's Place, Owner Roy Passin's Outrageous Sandwiches in Old Town Gaithersburg Open since 1955 - Closed

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42 minutes ago, Bob Wells said:

Ritner is cute? it's just a street name in Phila. I kinda liked the street names.

It's a good thing Kibbee never went to Roy's Place. :)

Mar 19, 2013 - "Roy's Place Has Served Its Final Sandwich" by Ben Gross on patch.com

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12 minutes ago, Kibbee Nayee said:

Yes, I'm glad I never went there. The names aren't cutesy, they're pretentious. And WTF is turkey bosom?

The same as "Chicken Chest" (another one of their nicknames). I first went here in the mid-1980s! The owner definitely meant the names to be "cute" rather than "pretentious" - it was actually a fun place, even though the sandwiches really weren't all that good. I retroactively retired Roy's Place in Italic because, well, why not.

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