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  1. I'm asking you to support your opinion. You make statements like "Let's also remain focused on the fact that "sweet" really IS one of the four basic taste receptors;" and " It has not been scientifically proven to be much of anything." but then when asked to prove that there are 4 and not 5 taste receptors you attempt to distract and refuse to admit that you're wrong. So please, prove how there are only four basic taste receptors when commonly accepted science says there are 5? http://www.livescien...h-debunked.html Now, with all that being said, what exactly is your problem with adding MSG to food and how is it different for any other additive like salt/citric acid/sugar? (which is like the 5th time since you like keep count but you still haven't answered)
  2. You made statements about studies could be shown on both side about caffeine. That lead me to believe that you were saying that there was something supporting your opinion that there are no taste receptors for umami. I already posted one for my opinion, I just figured that since you keep banging this drum that you would have based your opinion on something. How do you precisely describe sweet, bitter, sour, or salty? I can point to examples, but can't give you a definition of those, umami is no different. It's use is just as valid as salt, sugar, or citric acid.
  3. There are taste receptors for umami. That's a proven scientific fact. If not, then please find me the studies that prove otherwise. While I appreciate the reply, you didn't actually address my question. So is your issue the use or the overuse of MSG? You don't seem to be talking at all about how it can be used responsibly something you clearly think can be done with other food additives like salt, sugar and citric acid. You don't have people talking about how they're allergic to salt or sugar. Faking headaches because they think someone slipped a bunch of table salt in their fried rice. You boycott Chick-fil-A because of MSG, not the 1400 MG of sodium in a single sandwich. The MSG in the sandwich has no negative effects on the body, but 1400MG which is about half the daily recommended amount. Your vilification seems to be misguided and misplaced.
  4. Ignoring the part that it's been scientifically proven to not be a marketing concept, why is it different from salt/citric acid/sugar?
  5. "My problem with MSG has nothing to do with health reasons; it has everything to do with taking shortcuts and creating "depth of flavor" in a chemistry lab. To the best of my knowledge, umami is a bullshit marketing concept. MSG was "invented" in the early 1900s - what did people do without this "fifth flavor component" for 50,000 years before that?" Taking shortcuts==hack move.
  6. I can't because you've ignored the posts that brought it up in the past.Ok, so your point is that adding any season/additive is a hack move?
  7. Yes and your reasoning then didn't make sense either. You're opinion isn't based on facts or science. You're trying to vilify and draw comparisons to HFCS when it doesn't make any sense to. Your point is that adding MSG is a hack move, but somehow adding salt, citric acid, or sugar isn't. That doesn't make sense.
  8. Calling it a chemical additive is misleading though. Table Salt, MSG, Sugar, Citric Acid are all essentially the same thing, processed raw ingredients distilled into a single thing and used to flavor food. It's odd to me that you pick on MSG calling it marketing gimmick, even though there's actual science that says that it's not. I don't see the difference of adding other seasonings and MSG. You're fine with salt being added, sugar being added, but somehow MSG is unnatural and shows a lack of skill in the kitchen? http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/19686108
  9. Do you have the same issue with sugar?
  10. butcher paper, but yeah. It has the same basic effect as foil, but doesn't ruin the bark.
  11. you could easily sub out tomato sauce instead of ketchup. The bitterness of the espresso and vinegars work well with the ketchup though and really doesn't taste sweet in the final product. brisket's not hard once you do it enough. Control your fire, don't go over 300. wrap it in paper once it hits 165 and pull it once you can stick a probe in without much resistance. Put it in a cooler for a couple of hours and you're set.
  12. I'm doing brisket, short ribs, pork butt, chicken and salmon. for brisket, I don't like really sweet sauces. I'm going to do a variant of this one: http://www.statesman.com/blogs/content/shared-gen/blogs/austin/food2/entries/2012/04/26/robb_walsh_shares_lone_star_cu.html but with chicory coffee instead of espresso.
  13. most beef ribs you're going to find around here are going to be high on bone and low on meat. short ribs will have a lot more meat and are usually a better price depending on where you get them. I normally smoke english cut short ribs from SD and never had a problem.
  14. you're probably going to want to do short ribs. You can get them individually usually from any of the Korean markets around town. If you have access to Restaurant Depot, you can get them in sections of about 4 ribs and 4 sections per cyrovac.
  15. if you're there during the DNC, all bets are off. I'm there for business decently often and stay at the Westin next to the convention center. Around there that's good:fuel pizza is right next door and is a charlotte chain, it's good, but not amazing. For southern, there's kings kitchen, which has really good vegetables. Mert's is similar but also good. For casual stuff, that's a drive but still fun, There's Pinkys, The Diamond and The Penguin. Fun atmospheres and laid back.
  16. I also wrote "No one is organizing a march, No one is looking to persecute them for hate crimes." which would imply that I was talking about the people that have a problem with it. Since you apprearenty didn't understand me, I'll rephrase it for you. The people who are upset, are just saying it's fucked up. Does that help you? The point being that no one is making this into more than it is, a food truck that chose a stupid marketing theme. Do you enjoy marganlizing the feelings of others? It's cool that it doesn't bother you. It does me and other people. Pointing out other things that are also fucked up but that exist doesn't really help anyone or anything.Hey let's shift attention from this fucked up thing we're talking about right now, to this similar but completely unrelated thing that is also fucked up. To actually adress your point and to make it an actual pertentant to this, straight white men shouldn't be playing minorities in movies. Aliens shouldn't be given accents that play up existing stereotypes. You're chinese, are you happy when you see portrayals of culture/race being filled of bad drivers, small penises but being really good at math? If you are cool, then be totally happy when people look at you and think that. But in the mean time it'll still be fucked up to the rest of us.
  17. Using terms like "up in arms" is still an attempt to trivialize, so are you just baiting again or do you really want a dialog?
  18. this is to the point and gets to the heart of it. Everything exists on degrees and in terms of "isms" tends to not be black and white. Making bold statements about what people should and shouldn't care about, especially when it's coming from those in the majority doesn't help matters. People are saying that the Fojol deal is fucked up. I haven't seen a single person here, or in other conversations about this say anything other than that. No one is organizing a march, No one is looking to persecute them for hate crimes. But dismissing people being upset about it and telling them they should just get over it isn't how we move into an actual post racial society.
  19. they're long gone from alexandria. http://www.goldcrust.com/contact-us
  20. xdcx

    Dress Codes

    It is, but my statement was actually that peoples dress is being used to generate class based judgement and reinforcing class rifts. Sophisticated big city folks looking down on the poor rubes in their fanny packs and flip flops.
  21. xdcx

    Dress Codes

    no, if you care about something, you enforce it. if money and patronage mean more than a dress code, then it's the most explicit way to demonstrate that it's not a priority to the restaurant so why should it be to you, just another customer?
  22. xdcx

    Dress Codes

    if chefs care, then they'd set a strict dress code and enforce it, because they don't, then it's pretty clear that they don't.
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