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  1. Many thanks for the suggestions. I've been meaning to reply since returning from the trip. Went to RTM and had the Roast Pork Sandwhich at Dinic's. It was ridiculously good. The combination of juicy pork on a good hoagie with provolone and broccoli rabe is absolutely brilliant. Taylor gourmet is trying to do something similar, but it just doesn't compare. I tried going by Oyster House on Sunday, as it was near my hotel, but it was closed. I walked into Nodding Head, but didn't last long, as they had a jazz band playing, but no TV to watch the women's world cup final. Pub & Kitchen was a cool spot. I ended up there late night after dinner on Saturday. Some of the locals recommended it. Good times. Ktmoomau - Morimoto is a place I want to try, but it is not open for lunch on the weekends.
  2. Many thanks for the suggestion. I have heard about Reading Terminal Market and this roast pork sandwich. I just might give it a try.
  3. I'm going to be in Philadelphia this weekend and am looking for a good place to grab lunch. It doesn't need to be anything upscale, just good eats. Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.
  4. I'm definitely excited about trying Isabella's food. The menu looks great, but is it me or do the wine markups seem on the higher end?
  5. Many thanks. I always appreciate the value, as well as the quality, of your wine list.
  6. I haven't seen any updates on this lately. Any Crazy Wine Deals at Ray's right now?
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